Comet-San コメットさん

( 1967 - 1968 )

In this Galaxy, Comet is a shiny star!!

Other fantastic series from the 60s

Looks like during the 60s, series with animated openings were a rage and besides COMETA, and at a later time, I felt betrayed watching the opening of BEWITCHED ( 1964 ), because after the credits the series wasn't animated anymore, but with real people. I loved it though, more than I likedMI BELLA GENIO"I dream of jeanie" ( 1965-1970 ), Two more of my favorites were "Space Giants and Land of the Giants.

Bewitched ( 1964-1972 )

Space Giants ( 1966-1967 )

Monstruos del Espacio ( Space Giants ) Claims to be the first color series launched in Japan slightly earlier than Ultraman by 6 days.


How to forget that sound when the robots, well, not robots, but aliens that looked like robots, transform themselves into rockets, or the whistling when Gam summoned them while in peril, once, twice or three times depending of the danger of the situation, and the Roborocket he was calling...

 How many afternoons during break and how many notebook pages we spent drawing something only we knew what it was. 

Only watching the series again is that we could figure that drawing out. Why there is a rocket with Nico's name on it? Wasn't he Gam's friend? Did Nico transform himself into a rocket too? Or, did he only travel inside Gam ( rocket )?

Animated cartoons almost forgotten... 

Oh, what a time! Mighty Hercules and his ring and little Newton getting always in trouble. Mighty Mouse and the lady in distress asking for help singing opera...


July could be a good month to premier tv series in Japan, USA prefers September instead. 


1963 - USA premieres MIGHTY HERCULES ( animated )

1964 - Sept. 17 USA premieres BEWITCHED ( live action )

1965 - Sept. 15 ENGLAND premieres THE THUNDERBIRDS( Supermarionation ) 8 years after Twizzle

1965 - Sept. 18 USA premieres I DREAM OF JEANNIE

1966 - July 4    JAPAN premieres SPACE GIANTS

1967 - July 3    JAPAN premieres COMETO SAN

1968 - July 10 ENGLAND premieres THE CHAMPIONS 

1968 - Sept. 22 USA premieres LAND OF THE GIANTS

1970 - ENGLAND premieres UFO

straight to 8 more countries