Comet-San コメットさん

( 1967 - 1968 )


Happy birthday to Ms Yumiko Kokonoe!!

Previously on Comet-San


More than 40 years ago, she came from β star, made a stop  in Tokyo, Japan, and visited MEXICO, among other american countries, where she allowed us to witness, thanks to the magic of television, another kind of magic: her own special charm that flowed from her sparkling personality, she won the hearts of everybody who knew her.

Yumiko Kokonoe had the role that would be the most important in her life, not only in Japan, but also in some other countries, Mexico among them. Besides a couple other TV shows and a movie, Sugata Sanshiroher singing careerhas been one of the most prolific in her country.

 Back to the tv series that brought us here, Comet-San told us the adventures of a pretty princess from a far away planet called BETA, who, mischievous and restless is sent to earth by her professor, to learn good manners, to better achieve her goals she was given a magic wand and she was being tested after every action so she could go back to her planet after proving her new nature. Her rates were shown on her cheeks, from getting an "X" 罰 (ばつ) Batsu ( Bad ), or a circle 丸 (まる) Maru ( good ). In between she could get from 1 to 5. Depending on the Professor's mood, the circles could also be placed on her nose, etc.

 Comet-San, Kometto-san, コメットさん, Cosmic Baton Girl, Señorita Cometa, has 79 episodes, being the first 19 shot in black and white, and the other 60 in color.   The first family where she arrives is Kawagoe, during the first 48 episodes and then the Ishihara family from 49 to 79.


41th anniversary of the finale episode of the Comet'San series!!


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Original transmission

Japan aired it every Monday 7:30 - 8:00 pm 

( July 3rd. 1967 - December 30th. 1968 )

Syndication in Mexico probably started in 1970, and re-runs in 1980. Never to be shown again, due to the lost of all dubbed episodes during the 1985 Earthquake,

which took down a major Televisa building where most of the programs were stored.

Only date of transmission in Mexico ( found to date ) - other programming lists show only years, not dates.

Channel 8 5:15 Thursday 31-dec-71 MISS COMET* – EL JUSTICIERO  Miss Comet and the kids meet a legendary character they admire. ( Could this be the episode where there is a character coming out of a bill or the one where everybody wears a superhero costume ). *Weird, isn't? Calling Cometa "MISS COMET" in Mexico.

Original cast 

Cometo San - 九重佑三子 Yumiko Kokonoe

Takeshi Kawagoe/Ishihara - 蔵忠芳 Tadayoshi Kura    Koji Kawagoe/Ishihara - 河島明人 Akihito Kawashima       Midori - 西崎緑  Midori Nishizaki ( # 49-79 )

Moms - 馬渕晴子 Haruko Mabuchi ( # 1-48 ) and  坂本スミ子 Sumiko Sakamoto ( # 49-79 )*       

Dads: Itirou SunaoKawagoe - 芦野宏 Hiroshi Ashino ( # 1-48 ) and Saburou Ishihara 伊丹十三 Juuzou Itami ( # 49-79 )*

Voice Professor - 八木光生 Kousei Yagi      Voice ( Betan ) Chivigon - 朝井ゆかり Yukari Asai  (# 14-63 ) and 千々松幸子 Sachiko Chijimatsu(# 64-79)

原ひさ子 Grandma arrived from the stars on episode 35 and stayed until episode 44.

 * New family  + Chibigon ( Betan ) new voice 



Voice cast in spanish

Cometa - Zoila Quiñones

Takeshi - Diana Santos         Koji - Alfonso Obregon

Mom -          Dad -

Professor - Rubens Mendel           Chivigon ( Betan )-

strange girl ( #11 ) - Ma. Antonieta de las Nieves - Boy ( # 66 ) Juan Antonio Edwards 

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