Comet-San コメットさん

( 1967 - 1968 )

This is who we are

We are a group of nostalgic people who remember loved old television series, mostly Señorita Cometa, our group in Yahoo was born on February 5th. 2004. We hope one day to watch all those episodes again and relive all those childhood memories. We also hope to find the VHS videos or DVDs with those episodes. While we get to that common goal, we have been back in time several times. This is our private time machine, our colective memories allow us to travel back and forth in time. Feel yourself at home.

 May 2007 ( Group meeting, Mexico, D. F. )

*Back row: Danny, Efrain, Jaime and Luis

*Front row: Mafaldita, Jorge M.. Norma and Jessica holding the youngest Cometomaniac to date.  

Our goal:

Regarding the series, we share everything we find, starting with our most deepest memories, pics and info we find while surfing the nternet, webpages we find interesting, videoclips, etc.

We look for VHS or DVD with episodes, until now very few and very low quality.

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Thanks to: 

Spell because of his story-telling, to Carlos Dent because of his many images and searches of Yumiko, Dany Ortiz, Norma Estañol and Jorge Martinez because their investigation at the Library, Lazarus as the starter of this dream, Chivigon as the Yahoo Group founder, Luis Dunkix and Guillermo Falcon because of their parallel website projects and the frecuent participation of Martha Palomino, Israel Gonzales, Dan Nieto, Juan Manuel and many other who are countless but they know who they are.

 Internationally speaking, we deeply thank Mr. Koji Momiyama because of his close colaboration in illustrating and correcting wrongs on this website. Ms. Kokonoe, if you get to visit this page one day, we want you to feel proud of our work, we have done it all for you. Thanks for giving us Cometo-San.

I am Andres ( Lazarus )

When you are in a room and hear the words: Señorita Cometa", "Chivigón", "Takeshi" or "Koji", you know that when you turn around, you will see somebody who is 30-40something. Señorita Cometa is a television series that had a great impact on us due to its fantastic plots, creative and imaginative, some times even educational. We were amazed to see the japanese rituals, customs, so very different to all we knew so far, and sometimes we realized there were coincidences with the way we behave as mexicans. Señorita Cometa was, at least to my generation, the first globalization proof. - Andres Sanchez ( Lazarus )

I am Javier ( Chivigon )

Señorita Cometa is among the best memories I have from my childhood. The series taught me to respect the elderly, follow the rules, that we are all equal in this world regardless of me being mexican and the characters in the series japanese. The spanish translation gave it a unique touch, magic almost. The series evolved from a simple japanese series to a very own mexican-japanese one. Another reason is the subconscious fingerprint it left embedded in everybody who saw it. Since then all asian women became more interesting and attractive to us. - Javier ( Chivigon )

I am Eric ( Spellsister )

I think we all liked the series as kids, because we were kids too, and had to go to school, got in trouble, wanted to fix everything we made wrong with magic, in a snap. We all wanted a girl like Señorita Cometa in our homes. With her all could be fixed: homework, grades, teachers, bullies, and so on. Even the fact that she had dark hair made her more appealing and we felt her closer to us. -Eric ( Spellsister )

I am Martha

What could I say? Señorita Cometa is linked to our childhood magic memories. We believed in Santa Claus, gifts under the Christmas tree, prayed to our guardian angel... Why not believe that Japan was a magical country? Where extraordinary people lived, and Chivigon was real, moving around and drinking milk? Their customs were so different to ours, they had flying fish, beautiful homes where you should take off your shoes before entering, where everybody made a bow to say hello, where they ate rice balls.

Señorita Cometa was magic, illusion, lessons on good and evil, we just fell in love with her. Now we are trying to get her back, maybe to take back our childhood dreams, the time when all problems were solved with the magic wand. -Martha Palomino

I am Dan

“I know, I can erase your memories"... goes a Claudio Valenzuela song, and there are things we want to delete from our memory, but not Cometa.

Grown up people used to watch soap operas like “Colorina” ( Lucia Méndez ), or Dallas, but we all watched Señorita cometa. I heard people say: "Cartoons are for kids"... but then what was Señorita Cometa? She moved between animation, stop motion and real life, she was an animated character demoted to being a human being on earth, but her soul was still animated. Many times animation was mixed with stop motion and everything made this a very special treat. It was like me growing from being a kid to become a teenager, so the series fitted perfectly, part animation, part real life. Who knows? I was 5-6 yo at that time, in fact, I am still that age in some part of me because of that, and I like it. As a kid one can never be bored, after all the adventures that Koji and Takeshi got into, how couldnt I not appreciate the value of my own imagination?

To tell the truth I dont recall much, but whatever little amount of memories I have are tattooed in my soul. With the help of the colective memories in this group, I have recovered and relived strange feelings, mind movements, like I am unearthing a treasure long hidden. Señorita Cometa is the center of all this issue. She is helping me to put together the way my life ran at that precise moment  in time. - Dan Nieto

I am Israel

I think Señorita Cometa played a very important role in our lives, since she represented a time when we could find clean fun without all the junk out there today. It is strange the lack of interest on behalf of TV and other companies to dub the series or at least subtitle it in spanish. Her absence is also noticeable in Anime conventions, exhibits, even stores. We shouldn't forget that japanese series pioneered what we watch today. Thanks to them we have access to newer products, but this is just like a tree without roots. We need to bring everything back to the spotlight, not only Señorita Cometa, but Ultraman, Ultra-7, Hombre Par, Príncipe Planeta, Fantasmagórico and so on. If we are living now with more freedom, it is about time to bring back all series censored back in that time due to "violence", "dumb", and such absurd labels. Stop blaming "piracy" and get to work because we need those old series back and otherwise we couldn't have access to them. -Israel Gonzalez Ahumada.

I am Juan Manuel

Señorita Cometa left in me her essence: all that magic and wonderful adventures had universal morals and allowed me to laugh, see myself in them, learn the lessons, and I was around 9-10 years old.  Time went by and Cometa got off the air, I felt nostalgic but I got so busy going to school that I think I started leaving that emory in the back of my mind. I didnt know how famous Ms. Kokonoe was in Mexico, I was too young to notice. But sometimes, goig through pages of newspapers my dad used to bring home, I saw pictures of Japan and the memories came and went... some items stuck firmly in my mind, like the black little monkey, the soldiers, tanks, racing cars, the Bauhaus style architecture, the little cow, the space helmet, even the batons during the parade, etc. All those little thing are still here, unconsciusly embedded in my memories. Little by little I understood the importance of the series in my life. Maybe not only to me, but for some other people around my age. Comet's magic sparkled in our hearts, as soon as I had access to the Internet I started to search for her. I was surprised before the amount of commentaries in the different blogs and groups I visited. Everything was very difficult because of the lack of information and the languaje barrier, looks like this series has vanished and that we are victims in the worst tragedy. -Juan Manuel

I am Jorge

My childhood went by so smoothly I didnt feel the transition, I was just going with the flow. One day, I decided to recover my past and all those memories, since they are "the happiest events ever happened to me", I do it not only traveling back in time with my mind, but collecting things from that time and watching old series I used to watch after school.

Undoubtely, the most remembered series was Señorita Cometa, it had all: fantasy, mystery, horror, adventures, and above all, magic. I wish I had tha baton to make all my problems disappear. Today I realize how important the series is in many areas, one of the firsts shot in color, variety of technics, moral values, straight link to japanese culture, but most of all... because it is my ticket to the time machine. I love to go back. -Jorge Martinez

I am Laura ( mafaldita )

Señorita Cometa has been a worth seeing series because now it is a part of my childhood. We always wanted to have someone like Cometa near by, to make us cheer or help us fix our problems. The series showed us the japanese culture so we could learn how different we were. Opened a window to other things that otherwise we could not even imagine. It helped us to deal with fear, hope, happiness, I will always remember Cometa because with each episode I learnt a little about life. Morals now embedded in my memory, what to and not to do, good and evil. Because of that and so much more, I will never forget Señorita Cometa"

I am Lorenzo

I have been around since the beginning, I think I was number 30something, I am always keeping an eye on the group and get in from time to time, my heart is always with you all. -Lorenzo Maldonado

I am Pablo

I almost totally erased Cometa from my memory, then she sprung back during the New York dropping of the New Year's ball on 2001. Hiromi was so close to me and I wanted her to feel confortable that I started making a list in my mind of all things japanese. I asked her about "Space Giants", "Cometo San" among other things, but of course she didn't remember, she was so young! As soon as I got back home I went online searching and I found Lazarus webpage, the group wasn't yet born. I sent an email to Hiromi with the news and she told me her mother remembered Cometa. It is like I am watching these episodes for the first time and I love them, even the ones I dont understand because of the japanese languaje, make me cry.

I am happy working here with my new friends, the "cometomaniacs" - Pablo Villalobos

I am Jorge

We never forget our first love. It is true, Cometa was my first love. I loved her sweet face and her smile made me forget the whole world in that moment. Even now, when I watch the few episodes I have access to, I go back in time and relive my beautiful childhood memories and everything I lived in that time. Those series were so good we could watch them with our family, and we all enjoyed life.

I am Jaime

Cometa was and still is a very important part of my life because it represents a very beautiful time in my life. Back in those days I felt very close to the series for various reasons: besides being a window to different cultures, the series had a lot of fantasy and color; the kids, Takeshi and Koji, were the same age as me and my brother, we also lived with a cousin, and she was about the same age as Cometa, all together got into countless trouble, so that was a good source of inspiration. Summing up, the series was an example to follow, and today, when I remember Cometa, all those memories come back to my mind. - Jaime Rosales

From Monterrey, N.L

Hi, I am Fernando Saavedra and I would like to know if there's a chance to get some ( or all ) Señorita Cometa episodes on DVD, with original spanish dubbing, like I remember them from the 70's.

Thank you very much.

Around the world

Comments from all over the globe

Maria Elena, from Guatire, Venezuela

I would say we are dreamers, despite having different cultures we are united by a great childhood dream where with a magic wand, or a mark on our cheek, our parents would tell us what was right and what was not. We learnt great values and morals with a simple message, I think I am here because I am still a child in my heart.

Ricardo Jaime, from Norwich, England

To me Señorita Cometa was a very amused and funny part of my childhood due to the fact that a tv series could make me experiment such states like emotion, joy, sadness, even fear! If to all that we can add "magic" then who can resist all that? I think that the series allowed us mexicans, take a peek to the "otherness" of a different culture, and at the same time allowed us to recognize the points we had in common, like human nature and behaviour. Good times without a doubt... -Ricardo Jaime

Martha Salgado, from Tokyo, Japan

To begin with, I can only say that the time when Cometa visited Mexico, people were not so homogeneous. Maybe the series had an audience and was popular only in Mexico city. If you remember, or have heard, the affinity in taste bteween Mexico's audience and the rest of the country's. In Cuernavaca, where I lived, despite being so close to the capital, the taste went to the more familiar, more quiet series, and not so much into science fiction. We loved Tweety and Silvester, not so much Space Giants and Cometa. The japanese face alone was already a science fiction item.

 And I could assume Yumiko thinks the same about us. Does she know how popular she still is? Japan has been and maybe still is unaware to some other countries realities. More sharply if Japan donesn't get influence from them. I know japanese people only care and get to know whatever is shown to them through the media. They don't look, search or explore outside Japan.

Yumiko hardly knew Mexico had transmitted her series, maybe she found out thanks to Ponchito's interview.

Let me tell you something. Almost all japanese people involved in that interview don't express themselves too good regarding latin people. It could be a theme to be researched thoroughly regarding the cultural exchange. They have also stereotypes deep embeded, almost middle aged ones, about other cultures. And it is very confortable for them to keep them like that, than search and see if they are still real or not. I will await your article with keen interest. Thanks you for your kindness and count on whatever little support I can give.

Big hugs,

Martha Salgado

NHK, Tokyo

Other comments we appreciate

Hi Pablo !

Last summer, we had the 40th memorial festival of Comet-san at Tokyo. Click here ! You can see the comemorative photo of the festival.MOMS ALBUM ( 40th. )

Thanks !


Big thanks for your information. Comet san was one of my most beloved TV characters when I was a kid, and I was very disappointed when she simply vanished from all media. The page you provided and the information about her it's quite interesting.

Thanks a lot


In Mexico we knew Comet-San as Miss Comet. We would like to see her again visiting our country. Many people who has not forget her would be very happy.



Every weekday, after school, I used to run home to watch my three favorite japanese shows: Comet-San, Space Giants and Speed Racer. Despite of living in Brownsville, our tv set got some mexican stations. I still have fond memories and wish I could show my grandaughters all that. A friend of mine gave me Space Giants and Speed racer for my birthday, so the only series left for me is Comet. I loved it!


- Martha Sagastegui


I spent my childhood in Piedras Negras, Coah. and most of the series I watched were in english, but when we started getting TRM ( Television de la Republica Mexicana ), that was around 1973. I used to watch Maria Antonieta de las Nieves ( long before Chapulin and all ) on a show called something in nahuatl. Among other shows they had Comet-San and I loved watching it...


- Gerardo G. Blanco

Hi. I am glad to know about this website. I liked the Comet-San series very much and I remember the yellow boots episode very well. I loved Betan and I would like to see it again to see the episodes I missed back then. Congratulations and keep the site growing and good luck.

Marco Antonio Almazan Becerril

Hi, Ms. Yumiko Kokonoe

We want to say hello hoping you are fine. We in Mexico want to remind you that your series was a very succesful one and your fans are conted by the millions. We grew up watching Comet-San and we were so happy. The times were different and this made us very happy. Wherever you are ( Japan, I am sure ), we want you to know that we admire you and love you, despite the long time that has passed by without seeing you again. We wish you success and health. We mexicans love you.

Familia Valdez Casarrubias.
José de Jesús Valdez Mariz.


Comment left on Lazarus' BLOG

SEÑORITA COMETA as moral problem

Seen from the distance, Cometa was a terribly confictive series. Instead of giving answers surfaced questions. Almost every story required either an evasive attitude or behaviour. What a difference with Walt Disney! Where the good is on the nice and the handsome and they also know they are doing the right thing. With Cometa, problems didn't have a clear response. Proof of that are: The episode with the giant baby, the magic ball, the girl with the matches, grandma's farewell. We all asked ourselves what would Comet do, and believe it or not, in moments of doubt, even today, I still think about it.

 SEÑORITA COMETA as a reflex of others

How strange chinese are... back in those days everybody ( japanese, vietnamese, etc. ) was considered chinese. And here a list of all those oddities, detected by us as kids in that time:

-They slept on the floor ( something we did only when it was too hot during the peak of summer )

- They ate with sticks and we all asked ourselves how did they manage to pick up rice grains

- They went to strange churches with strange figures that looked like demons

- They spent the whole time bowing before everybody they encountered on the streets

-The higher grade was 5 ( how good could we be in a japanese school, even the dumbest )

 Comment left on Lazarus' Blog

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