Comet-San コメットさん

( 1967 - 1968 )

Reaching out beyond VEOH (para quienes no tienen acceso)

Celebrating Ms. Kokonoe's birthday on 3.21.2009

All comments have been printed and sent out

Thanks to everyone who participated. All comments from around the world have been printed and mailed yesterday ( Dec. 20th. 2008 ) In the hope everyone will get them by Christmas.
They were sent to:  
Yumiko Kokonoe ( Comet-San ), Akihito Kawashima ( Koji ), Midori Nishizaki ( Midori ), Kousei Yagi (Professor's voice), Iroshi Ashino and Haruko Mabuchi ( Kawagoe Papa and Mama ), Sumiko Sakamoto ( Ishihara Mama ), Producers,  Directors, Writers, Animators, Designers, Composer, Hashimoto ( TBS producer ), Kokusai-houei ( Comet-San's copyright holder ), surviving families..

Latest UPDATE!

I "Idol Music" SIMPOSIUM in Mexico - Dec. 2008

Mr. Carlos Peralta, from Yumeki Entertainment has advised us that they will hold the :: FIRST IDOL MUSIC SIMPOSIUM IN MEXICO :: and it will be about the IDOL movement in Japan.

Mexico was one of the first countries close to the IDOL genre in the 70s through the series COMET-SAN, starred by a then IDOL, Miss Yumiko Kokonoe, who by the end of the 60s, was already an IDOL, altough in that time were not called that. She was the impersonation of every principle ruling the artistic movement in Japan: Purity, honesty, beauty, with simple plots, but always enfasizing on ethic and human values.

Yumeki invites the Comet-San group in Mexico to attend the event ( location not yet confirmed, will take place somewhere during the first two weeks of December 2008 ). We invite followers of music of all decades, 60s, 70s, 80s, being this a multicultural and musical phenomena for several generations.

More info here:     More info about the IDOL musical genre:

TV TOKYO JAPAN - channel 12 - 09/01/08

Yesterday, TV Tokyo in Japan ( channel 12 ) aired a special program about extraordinaire japanese people outside Japan, "SUGOI NIHONZIN". This time devoted to Ms. Yumiko Kokonoe. Thanks to its Director, Mr. HIdeki Kodaira, and Mr. Yuzo Yasuda, his assistent, who contacted us for references. We will always be greatly thankful. Pablo ( Pictures by: Mr. Momiyama )


It is weird how some other tv series as old as Señorita Cometa are already on sale either on VHS, or DVD, other already have future dates to be launched like "The new adventures of Pinocchio" and Cometa seems to be falling into obliviousness. Could we be missing something? I think is disrespectful to us, who love the series, that business people dont care if we get to see the series or not.

This came up since I just visited a website where hundreds of different titles are available, all japanese superheores, monsters, robots, aliens, etc, like Ultraman, "thisman", "thatman", etc.

Cometa on TV - only for a minute

Just a few words 

 *Copy of the document sent by Guinness world records regarding our application. 


CLAIM ID: 210940

Dear Pablo,

We are glad to inform you that your record application has been transferred to our internal system. As a result of this, we are sending to you the Agreement Regarding Record Attempts together with a document called General Information on Record Breaking, which gives you an overview of the process.

Thank you for contacting Guinness World Records.

Best regards

Records Management Team
Guinness World Records

Unwanted birthday present ( 3.20.08 )

Thank you for sending us the details of your recent record proposal for 'Longest off the air japanese tv series Fan Base.'. We are afraid to say that we are unable to accept this as a Guinness World Record.


Guessing when did Cometa appear for the first time in Mexico 

We all have talked about it, asuming that Señorita Cometa appeared in Mexico on Channel 8. in 1971 or maybe even earlier... 1970. 

Medallion mystery solved, it is a greek letter, Beta!

More about the medallions (pendants)... 

This pendant, with the comic book character created by Mitsuteru Yokoyama in the front, could have been issued in 1967, with the magazine number 44. It says "Brother" on the back and has the kanji writing for Comet-San.

(Medallion link Found by Juan Manuel) * Anniversary photo provided by Mr. Mom, zoomed in by Juan Manuel (Collage by me)

Reruns in Japan

①TBS( 1969.5.23~70.4.24 ) Time 18:00 Episodes 1~48 + 1970.4.27~6.8 Time 18:00 from #49~79
②TBS( 1972.11.9~73.2.13 ) Time 16:30 from #20~79
③TBS( 1976.12.3~77.3.2 ) Time 10:00 from #20~47 y #49~79
④TBS( 1980.1.18~4.9 ) Time 6:25 from #20~47, #49~79
①ABC( 1970.9.7~71.1.5 ) Time 17:00 Episodes #1~79
②YTV( 1971.7.21~8.26 ) Time 8:20 from #49~79 + ( 1971.12.21~72.2.15 ) Time 8:20 from #20~48 and from #1~19  Time 8:00
③YTV( 1972.7.27~8.31 ) Time 8:20 from #49~79 + 1972.12.18~73.1.23 ) Time 8:20 from #20~48
④YTV( 1974.7.22~9.2 ) Time 9:00 from #49~79 + 1975.3.27~5.6 - Time 8:30 from #20~48
⑤YTV( 1976.3.29~6.16 ) Time 8:30 from #20~26, 28~47, 56, #49~55, #57~79
⑥MBS( 1976.12.15~77.3.14 ) Time 17:00 from #20~47, #49~79
① Kid's channel ( 1994.4.5~95.11.1 ) once a week #1~37#26#20#40~43#39#38#44~48#22#49~53#55~71#54#72~79
② Kid's channel ( 1995.11.12~96.11.10 ) twice a week #1~79
③ Kid's channel  ( 1997.11.7~98.10.4 ) twice a week #1~79
④ NECO channel ( 2005.9.5~07.3.25 ) Time 8:00 once a week #1~79
⑤ NECO channel ( 2007.4.14~6.23 ) 4 times a week #1-79
⑥ NECO channel ( 2007.10.17~12.11 ) Time 19:00 twice a week #1~79
★ Other air dates
・Hokkaido HBC ( 1979 ) Episodes #20~47, #49~79
・Nagoya CTV ( 1969.9.30~70.12.1 ) Time 18:00 from #20~25, #28~#26#34#27#35-79
・Fukoka CATV ( 1985 ) from #20~45
・Osaka YTV ( 1987.11.24 ) Sjust one episode #20
・Tokyo TBS ( 1991.10.2 ) Episode # 5
    Kid's channel  ( 1997.9.23 ) only episodes #16#20#28#49#63#79

* Borrowed from Mr. Momiyama's site.


México transmitted in the early 70s onCanal 8 a cartoon time, which included "El rey Leonardo", "Centellita la tortuga", "Los To-To-Topos", "El gato Klondike" and "La ardilla voladora", this animated features were also transmitted onCanal 5 The host was Jorge Gutierrez Zamora ( who also did the voice over presenting "El Chavo del 8") he also had a "Friend's Club" on Channel 8, and had a co-hosts a group of squeletons of all sizes, among them one who wore a wig "La Calaca Tilica y Flaca". They showed allHanna-Barberacartoons. In 1972, both TV stations became one keeping all those shows on Channel 5. After that, the airwaves from Channel 8 became Channel 9, owned byTelevisa  
He got off the air unexpectedly and never returned. Tha kid's programing didn't have a host since then.

In Mexico, Guillermo Gonzalez Camarena ( 1917 - 1965 ) started experiments based on color transmission, better definition, he created new cameras, consoles, the first color televisions were very bright, all actors and tv people had to wear purple and use green make-up.

On Aug. 19, 1940, Mexico patented the chromoscopic adapter for television.

In 1947, Miguel Aleman Valdez, then President, formed a comision to find out which system was better, English or American.

In 1950, starts transmitting Channel 4 ( XHTV ) from O'Farrill enterprises.

In 1955, Telesistema Mexicano is born, from the fusion of 3 Channels, 45% owned by Azcarraga, 35% by O'Farrill and 20% by Camarena.Camarena leter on sold his bonds to Azcarraga to keep on experimenting and creating. 

 In 1968, Channel 8 ( XHTMTV ) is found by an Independent group and was installed in San Angel Inn.  
In 1973 Telesistema Mexicano and Televisión Independiente get together to create TELEVISA (Televisión Vía Satélite), launching Channels 2, 4, 5 y 8.  
In 1985, Channel 8 changed its signal to become Channel 9 ( XEQ ), being a cultural channel in the beginning and a commercial channel later on.

I got to know personally Don Joaquín Vargas, when he was President of that Channel. After that the President of the other Channel was Martínez Urdal supported by Luis de Llano, senior, that war starts between Channel 8 and Telesistema. Many series from Channel 8 outshine series from other channels, being the best: Los Polivoces, Juan Pirulero and Los Hermanos Coraje. That time ended soon, sadly, with the fusion of ( TIM with  Telesistema). 


Masayoshi Ohira Park, 3.21.08 (大平 正芳 )



Happy b-day ( 2008 ) Ms. Kokonoe!


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