Comet-San コメットさん

( 1967 - 1968 )

Thanks to everybody who participated... 

Mom,s favorite, my most vivid memories - S.Aristegui

I don't know who thought about this series, but it was a great idea - Roberto Anderson
Every Wednesday at channel 5, can,t miss it - R Araceli
I think it was transmitted in 1971 rather than 1969 - O.Illima
My brother loved Ultraman but Cometa will remain my favorite - J.L. Oliver
Afternoons will never be the same without comet san series - J Suarez
Takeshi and Koji were my imaginary adventure pals - Jaime Rosales
Pure magic - Iñaki Z
Heil to the creative minds behind the MAGIC OF COMET-SAN - Nicolas D.
were really scary but can,t help watching them - F. Rodriguez
My first link to the japanese culture - PJ Prado
Long to see cometa again, take her back - Ronaldo P
Cometa rules - H.Salinas
Chibigon was my favorite, got any plush toys? - N.Estañol
Would like to say thanks to Yumiko Kokonoe - G. Figueroa
Can,t find any episodes even in Osaka - Lino Murakami
When will it air again? - Santos Guridi
Theres a list of writers and directors, I thank them all! - Bob Gutierrez
I learned japanese thanks to the series - Samuel Othon
I was in 5th grade and watch the series while doing homework - Anais C.
I use to watch the series when I came home from la Escuela Moderna Americana - Toño Arce
Grandma looked like my real grandma we are japanese somehow - Arturo Miranda
I remember the little music box episode, my favorite - Juan DM
All episodes I have seen have been created with children in mind, thank you - Susana LM
It is one of my saddest memories, boots episode - R.Luis
Say hi to Yumiko, when is she coming to Mexico? - Roberto Erdos
Thought I was dreaming but Cometa really exists - Lemin S
Thanks for this great pages, it brings all back - Narciso Gutierrez
One day Cometa went on vacation like tio Gamboin use to say when the series were off but I Hope one day she will come back - Rosalinda Martinez
All this effort, joining all the Comet websites around the world, it has to be praised - Lino Quintana
I learned the song and wrote an article about it in “La Mosca” - P. Peñalosa
Yiaro the ghost, she was strafalary and the witch...still dream about her face. - A, Sanchez
I had a chibigon figure in the back of my car but it was stolen, I long to see him - Lalo Fausto
Got any apisodes?, will gladly pay for them - QK
I was ready to record but then I learned it was the second comet san - M.Buneder
From all the directors and writers, whoever wrote the Mountain witch episode, it rocks! - R.G.
Mom,s favorite show - L.Buneder
I barely remember some episodes but I knew they were great - A. Martinez
We,re from the same age, though I look older cometa makes me feel young again. - M. Roman
A fat friend of mine was called “Takeshi” - H. Buendia
I still want to find my magic golfball and make my wishes come true - I.Lomar
Special effects were in fact "special" We all thought everything to be real! - Gabriel L.
I remember red baloon episode with Midori - C, Vike
Great and vast info in these pages ,thanks - Antonio España
Nyantaro Cat, that,s why I,m in this group, my favorite episode. - D. Ortiz
Double Moral, a great lesson from comet clon. - La pecas
Please, where I can find the comet san dvd,s? - Sergio Bucio
Some of the most important info about directors, writers, etc. is in japanese, so I am missing a lot - Myra Milano
Senorita Cometa, lives in my soul I want my memories back and see her again - Dan Nieto
This series really marked me as a child, my imagination went wild - Ricardo Carrillo
I was 5 or 4 years old when I saw it for the first time, came home from kindergarten, in a black and white televisión - Dr. Mario Cesar Gomez Martinez
Cometa you will live in our child minds and our kids soul - Israel Gonzalez
Episode 28 I don,t remember but it is great - Jorge G
I wish the DVD came with commentaries of writers, directors, and everybody involved - Catalina Segura
If I could turn back time I will memorize every episode - Efrain
Cometa is a crosspoint between my childhood and my nowadays, it will be great to have her back - JManuel
Great memories, I long to see the series again - Auristela Ricardez
My friends from Spain asked me for a copy, the series weren,t transmitted there, they are mexicans- Miguel Torres
I learned about japanes traditions throught this series - Rafael Melendez
Original scripts and great acting! That turned the trick into magic - Juliana C.H.
Chibigon was the girl,s favorite - Romina
Is there more in youtube? - atinicomex
We were moneyless, that,s why we did not have a VCR, but now there is no cometa, - R Magallanes
She did not always sing songs in the episodes, right? - Mauricio Villalpando
Adult baby episode when cometa turns the clock back. - Alma Diaz
Having different writers and directors throughout the series, gave it that unique touch - Vicky
I use to buy magic candy wands at Larin stores, that is my link to cometa - Raul Jaime
Sometimes I was spidergirl, some others cometa - Laura E
The girl with the ball, spooky - J ARRIAGA
When I feel anxious I hit to sticks like Koji, this always helps, thanks comet san - Paty Velarde
Educational, scary even sometimes boring but definitively great - Sanchez Juarez
Thanks to all the staff who thought about us kids when they made this dream come true - Victor Siller
Pink series like this are made no more - Ma Elena Gil
I lived in Chile for some time, there the series were called The young Cometa- Arcayo Baro
We loved series like spiderman and cometa most because of it,s dubbing - Vivian Hernandez
My greatest memories from the 1970,s ..thanks - Rodri Marentes
Before and after cometa there is no japanese series in importance - Amezcua
Too bad the comics never made it to mexico, Mitsuteru Yokoyama did a great job - Alan S.
I remember the toy cow that came to life, hope to see it again someday - Jose Padilla
I made my own stick weand and pretended to be cometa, how small I was- Florentino R.
How come no channel in Mexico is transmitting it right now? - Fausto P.
My brother and I played and pretended to be takeshi and Koji - Roberto Zertuche
Ghosts, monsters, giants insects... perfect recipe for fun! - Reyna P.
Cometa,s magic still work and will do as long as she is remembered - Trino L
The mix of animation in the intro with real live action caught my attention - Andres Su
Well, it was on Wednesdays I beleive, about five o clock, love to see it again? - Sergio K.
A buried treasure in the house I think I saw it in cometa. - G.Lino
A ball game between insects, ants in a cake, same episode? - Raul Juarez
Since I saw cometa, We love kites, fish style like in Japan- Arturo y Mayte
Japanese people from today barely remembers her, why? - Areli Paz
I remember a snow creature and buried coins in a mountain, which was this episode? - C. Karina
Was it really based in Mary Poppins? Maybe we will never know - Guille
Grandma in a tricicle, she looked like Mary Poppins - Felipe H.
The kids had a cheating uncle and I had a drunk uncle, my uncle, nobody wanted him in the house. - Cruz
I saw only but a few episodes in color but this is still my favorite show - I. Carmona
We spend a couple of hours watching 4 episodes in spanish, we want more - R Olvera
I still want a magic golfball to give me the answers for my monthly exam - Ricardo Paredes
To me the scariest episode is when the wall breaks and a chicken is hanging, terryfying - D Adriano
The pics on the Japanese Photo Album ( 40th. ann. ) are great, I got to meet some of the staff - Brayan Jr.
Did she found her blue bird? I remember that was sad - L:N
Thanks for the memories, it brings all back - Elias Racotta
Afternoons will never be the same - Sofia Dominguez
Yumiko is the cutest japanese woman, she,s great - Lol K.
When will we see you again? - Deborah E
The racing dad and the Speed racer, what else could we ask for? Thriling and exciting episodes! - Paco
I would like to know more about the "Behind the scenes" or "Making off" with creative team - Kevin
There was a moustached baby, that was a spooky episode too - Pablo TG
In music class we were taught a tune that I once saw in an episode, - Willy
I want a comet san doll, can you send me details? - Franco Neri
Our happiest years, my brothers and I watched the show my favorite was chibigon - Eleuterio
We never missed them along with Rin Tin Tin and other Saturday morning cartoons - Kikos
Great minds think alike, and they got together to create Comet-San - Wilfrido
Yumiko looked really good in her mini skirt - Maciel Y
Please send my regards to her from... The Lone Rangers
I watched an episode where cometa turned into a cartoon but next week she was back - Juan E
I want to say hello to KOJI, he was so cute! - Juaniguis
Ultraman, Goldar and Cometa our favorite japanese shows - H. Noriega
I could wait a lifetime but this sounds too long, I want all 79 episodes back - Jorge Martinez
When I am in trouble I always summon Comet-San - Marylin
Where have all those times gone? I was so happy - Lisa
Betan and his child-like attitude spelled pure trouble - Roberto
I wish I could show-and-tell my kids about this, but theres nothing to show - Karol
Will Comet ever come back from Beta on a BluRay disc? - Karlitos
I miss those times so bad - Liz
One japanese series I would watch again, If I could, is Miss Comet - Pablo Villalobos
Thanks for a wonderful series, I will always love it - Carlos Zamora
The birds and the bees, or better yet, the kids and the bees and the beekeeper, fantastic! - Loles
When I was a kid I loved the Comet-San series - Antonio Bautista
You have thousands of fans in Mexico, please come visit us, Yumiko! - Oso Mayor
I always ask everybody if they remember Miss Comet, I still do - Vidal Mariscal
I would like to buy it on DVD and watch the whole thing again and again! - Alejandrina Velasco
I got some episodes from a friend from Brasil and I got hooked up - Glen Johnson
I will never forget how much I loved this japanese series - Marcela Gloria Zambrano
I would like to know what is Yumiko doing now. I love her - Rafael Alfaro
The series was excellent and I still remember it fondly - Rosalio Tellez
Great memories from this series and Miss Comet, Yumiko, thanks - Ismael Davila
Many episodes were scary but I loved them and I'd watch them again today! - Fernando Chiu
I was sad when they wanted to marry Comet-San because I wanted her to marry me. - Samuel F.
I was busy raising my kids in the 60s but now my son showed to me and it is very amusing - Maria Novoa
Thanks for the websites and everybody who remembers Yumiko and Miss Comet - Jose Antonio Espana
I didn't know Betan had siblings, when they visited earth I was in heaven! I love Betan - Julian Salas
If Miss Comet comes back to Mexico, many fans would be very happy - Esteban Guajardo
As a kid and now as a grownup, I would love to watch it again - Leobardo Fajardo
My mom used to watched it in the 70s, now I love it too - Rocio Galicia
I remember the old lady tearing the clothes apart while doing the laundry - Claudio Tamez
My sister and I used to watch it after school and homework - Jesus and Silvia Leal
From all the japanese shows we had in that time, Comet was my favorite - Gerardo Garcia
I ran home every day to watch Comet-San and I studied hard so my parents let me watch it - Martha Sagastegui
There was thi shuge monkey, or gorilla, I don't know, I was so scared I covered my eyes... - Haydee M.
Comet was a very interesting series and the way they live in Japan was good too - Juan de Dios
Despite the show not being trasmitted in the USA, I love it thanks to a friend who showed to me - Vincent Hubbert
Thanks to this website I found and recovered most of my memories of Comet-San. Thanks - Olga Laura
Watching it with my four girls when they were small was a family time we never missed - Julia V. de Aguilar
In the beginning I was a little hesitant, but after watching Comet-San for the first time, I loved it - Asuncion
I thank my friends who shared it with me and made me feel the scares and joy of the series - Daniel Sebastian
I cried when Comet had to go back to her star, I wished her could stay on earth a little longer - Carola Guzman
Those kids were something! My little brother and I wanted to be just like Takeshi and Koji - Arnulfo Valdes Jr.
Sometimes we missed the show and we felt miserable, the TV station didnt repeat them in order - Emilia Guadalupe
Comet San was beautiful! I fell in love with her, too bad I was so far from Japan - Eduardo Guillermo
Why did all the kids in the neighborhood go with Koji and Takeshi everywhere they go? - Colette
It was a different time back then. Kids were watching the series after homework, like a prize for them - Teresa
My kids made me make a little Betan ( homemade ) for each of them, they loved Betan so much - Laura Borrego
I was a teacher in the 70s. The series helped me a lot with foreign cultures and customs. Loved it - Martha Ocampo
My mom got a tv set from her brother and we all gather around to watch the CometSan series while snacking - Emma Lidia
I was about Comet-San's age and I used to tell my friends how cute she was and how magic she was too - Jaime Gonzalez
I had 2 brothers and 2 sisters and I loved the series the most! They never wanted to play Comet-San with me - Jose Alonso
Dad used to get home tired from work, but we made him feel confortable and watched Comet together - Maria del Rocio
I love the show! I love the show! What else can I say? I love it! - Arturo
When my dad took us sailing once, I thought I was living that episode when Comet takes the boys to the sea - Jose de Jesus
My little cousin showed me Comet on tv, only it was not the Comet I remembered, I love the original - Lucy Sobrevilla
Some episodes were made to learn something like that one with the flying car, stars, constellations, and so on - Lupis
I only watched it while on vacaction to see granny, imagine how desesperate I was to watch it soon again - Lety Navejar
I was Comet to my three little brothers, but if they didnt play along I made them wear circles with marker - Susana Zambrano
Too bad we were just kids and our parents didnt have a videotape recorder, we could be watching it again now! - Ricky Ricardo
My sister and I used to watch Comet and then talk about it for hours, we would like to see it again! - Diana Minerva
I wish my kids now would have the chance to watch that series that I loved to watch, I can only tell them about it - Martin
The only times I missed my dear Comet-San, was when I was hunting with dad, I love outdoors so much, and I loved her - Angie
Theres was this girl at school, we called her TONKO, because she was spoiled and she always wanted her way - Juan Gerardo
I loved the series so much I want to watch it one more time - Fernando Saavedra
I got to see the series because my daughter got a VHS from the web. Too bad theres no more episodes available - Irma Gloria
Thanks to everybody who is keeping all this memories alive, we all love Comet-San - Omar M.
Too bad granma had to leave! She was adorable, so related to our own grannys visiting from time to time. - Rafa
I just saw this video on YouTube. Thanks to Comet-San for the memories. Long Live Ms. Kokonoe! - Marilu Garza
I remember how excited I was just to watch this series on tv. I was a happy kid and loved Betan and the Professor! - R. Meneses
Me and my sister got to know about this series because of My mom, who watched it in the 70s - Angel Alonso
My kids love my library and more all the old VHS and DVDs I have, I wish I could show them Comet series - A.G.V.
I don't remember much about all those japanese shows but my girlfriend loves Comet, and I'm loving her too - Jesus Solares
All my cousins in Mexico used to watch it, so on my vacation time I was always there, enjoying Comet - Lupita Saenz
Granny told me about it, I didn't watch Comet second version, but I also like Baton Girl, and Comet-San - Francisco Javier Lopez
There's not much info on the internet about Comet-San, the little I have found I treasure it - Julia Esther Zamora
In some episodes in spanish the Profesor was called "GENIE", I'd like to know more about that - Hugo Arturo
Comet-San is the best series in the whole world! Thanks TBS! - Manuel Estevez
I would like to know if anybody remembers the ducks. - Pepe
I don't know if we saw in Mexico the whole series, but what I watched, was enchanting and unforgettable- Benito Bigotes
Few episodes have remained in my brain like the last one, my sisters were very sad when Comet left. I felt sorry too - Indalecio Aguirre
Comet-San was so beautiful I couldn't take my eyes off of her - Lorenzo Carrera
Comet was my free ticket to Japan. I used to visit Japan every day for 30 minutes - Mary Esquivel
The series had stories that I didn't see anywhere else, some scary, some fun, everything. - Angela Longoria
I only watched the series because Comet was so cute! Her short dresses and face fascinated me! - Vicente Irigoyen
I fell in love with the series after the first episode, all had horror, suspense, surprises, history, etc - Alicia Vaquera
When Betan showed up and I discovered it, those are the episodes I like the most! - Alex Bazz
Never understood why they switched parents. I loved the original parents best - David Rangel
I don't have a phrase for Comet-San, I have only a word: UNFORGETTABLE !! - Juan Martinez
For me something dreamy was seeing the crayons come to life... - Bella
In my everyday life and playtime, Comet made all my wishes true - Dulce Adoracion
Among the hidden trasures I have recently discovered, Comet-San is the number ONE! - Alfred H.
One signature o trademark was her singing... I loved those episodes when she sings songs - Marcela Berenice
Yes, Comet was a siren with an enchanting voice. Love her singing! - Nino Gallardo
Many thanks to all those who had preserved her memories in our hearts - Clara & Horacio Montes
60-70s was a magical time for me, still remember all those shows, specially Comet-San - Ricardo
I remember the scary episode with the mountain witch, couldn't sleep for a couple nights! - Gabriel Moreno
Thanks to all the staff who made Comet-San possible. It was a kid's dream come true - Chantal B.
I think I saw most of the episodes, but now I only remembered a few. Thanks to this websites for the memories - Pedro Caro
Imagination and beauty, good storytelling, equals Comet-San series. Thanks to Yumiko and everybody - Rafael B.
Anybody remembers the trip in a balloon? It was like Land of Giants, they look so small. - Sorella
This series is unforgettable, made a huge impact and now I am sharing with my kids - Ray Carr
Comet is a series for dreamers: all the episodes I have watched prove it - Ersilia M.
Who could rate the 10 best episodes? I bet the one with mountain witch is one of them! - Alfonso Hernandez
Delightful. Couldn't wait to see what surprises were in store every day - Luis Lopez
Each and every episode was a feast. Sometimes my mom made me finish homework first. Some punishment!- Robert
I would like to re-discover all that magic from the past. Comet-San is a classic - Irwin Salinas
Amazing and amusing plots I enjoyed every time with Takeshi and Koji - Alex Gonzalez
Some peaceful and some very dramatic, the show balanced the stories in a fun way. Remember them? - Esteban H.
After a hard day at school and then homework, Comet San was a relaxing break full of surprises - Marianela
Spirits and ghosts were my favorite ones, and there were always plenty! I liked to be scared - Carlos Macias
Playing detective was not a smart idea. The kids get everything worse instead of helping. - Sammy
For me, it was like being there, exploring the woods, the tunnels, the river, all Japan was in my hands - Carolina Chicas
Destination: Japan. Mean of transportation: Comet-San. We all love it in my house - Dawn H.
After watching the show, I used to go outside and relive it role-playing with my siblings or friends - Juan Antonio
The best place at home in the afternoons, were in front of the tv with Comet on the screen - Pedro Pablo Perez
Comet was a thrill ride and a very exciting one with all those stories and surprises - Ernesto Cantu
Maybe the past was different than today or maybe it's just me. I got lost myself watching Comet. Fantastic! - Frank Jr.
Add a Genie and a magical friend like Betan and you have all the ingredients for a good time! - Florencia Ramos
I insist, the best japanese series was and still is Comet-San, long live Comet-San - Pedro Davila
The kids were so trouble prone, they needed more than just Comet-San to rescue them all the time - Victor B.
Why is this the most famous japanese tv series in places like Mexico? Why is Yumiko still so beautiful? - Lino Guerrero
Some kid had a sick brother, or a painter had a sick daughter? I vaguely remember someone being sick... - Alma
All the mystery and the drama I needed in my life was right there in Comet series - Alfredo Duran
Comet-San knew all and was always ready to help the kids with their childhood tricks. - Nancy Cabrera
Comet San is a treasure I would like to show everybody I know, I am sure they will love her too... - Mustafa A.
Captivating and entertaining is how I can describe those Comet episodes, nothing like it - Felipe Mancera
One day we spent a week out of town, I never forget missing Comet so much! - Jorge Sanchez
The japanese culture and the stunning tales and legends are something very special to me - Patricia Croutier
The sands of time and the videos on the web transport me back to my childhood. Thanks - Mohamed Raswan
I never forget the episode with the boat trip. Everytime I sail, I think Comet will show up beside me - Margarita Rodriguez
The show was perfect and the cast too. Mom and Pop from first season are so unforgettable even today - Alina Lahr
Well... mom and Pop from second season were likable too, but changing confused me a little - Alexa Lahr
After the episode with the dentist I was not afraid anymore - B.M.
I was always amazed of how many adventures these three could have, Comet and the kids - Vero Galan
Comet was not a fairytale but a exciting ride of adventures every day - Mario Castillo
The art, the culture, the scenaries, all was a discovery I made at such early age. Thanks - Norma Gallardo
I remember the past and I remember Comet as if was yesterday. Some stories I still dream about - Dorita
Before Wonder Woman, before other women, there was Comet-San with her magic and charm - Guillermina Menendez
I was fascinated and maybe that's why I still remember a great series like Comet. Unusual in my country - Bruno C. N.
Many years after those golden memories happened, I like to go back in time and think about Comet again - Francisco Puente
Yumiko was so beautiful ( and still is ) she took my breath away when I first saw her in that yellow dress - Luis Lagos
Wonderful and unforgettable, thats the only thing I can say about Comet-San - Jesus Cabrera
A treasure of mystery and adventure, please someone, get the series back so we can watch it again... - Mario Malo
How many times did the kids ran away? And Miss Comet? I wish they didn't but they did - Mayela
For me, Comet was like a day with the boy scouts, exploring, exciting adventures, all in my living room - Ricardo Acosta
At that age I didn't know about culture, but this show was different and I liked that. - Christian Contreras
I loved the series, because it was smart and unusual - Antonio Malpica
Comet-San was trasmitted during the 80s too, because my brother, who was born in 1979 remembers it - Manuel Lazcano
In Venezuela, Comet-San was aired on channel 2. I liked it very much - Lino
I remember the series even though I was very, very small... and I am from Venezuela too... - Lenny G.
Theres almost no information on the Internet in USA, the series was not seen here, I am always looking - Sean O'Mannion
Some friends from Japan remember more of the second version than the original version, isn't it weird...? - Loren W.
I think Britain didnt transmitted the series, I would remember it. - Haydn
I remember the vivid colors of the 2nd. season, there were bright and catching - Max M.
The toys come alive! That was so wonderful but at the same time so spooky! I started watching them closely - Petrita
I am from 1964 and I saw 2 seasons, one in black and white and one in color - Fernando Garibay
Whoever thinks there was not a color season, is maybe because they didnt have a color tv - Roberto Cervantes
I know more about the series because of my mexican friends, than due to watching it myself - Keiko
My friends in Spain dont know Comet-San either, I am having the task to tell them - Noc
I remember the episode with the kites shaped like fish - Sandra Zuniga
The episode I like the most has always been the one with the anthill and the ants - Cesar Arredondo
Maybe I am wrong, but I remember the Professor becoming human to visit Comet-San on Earth - Silvia Sandoval
Is there an episode where they have a huge diamond that turns to dust? I remember that - Enrique
We all wanted to have a little magic ball to grant us all our wished, dont we? - Mario Avila
In case Comet doesn't come back from Beta star, she already lives in our hearts - Martha P.
In one ocassion Comet dresses up like Santa, I wanted to ask for gifts, too! - Lucas Casas
I remember I used to watch Comet and I love it! - Kommetin
My aunt and I were always expecting the time when Comet was shown on TV, she loved Betan! - Manuel Cavazos
All Betan brothers were so cute! I will never forget the mess they did trying to do good - Oscar
I was 8 years old when I saw the yellow boots episode and I cried and cried, still remember - Margarita
Kisses to my generation and thanks to everybody involved in bringing Comet memories back! - Shamusina
There was no other series better than Comet-San, no substitute - Esteban Blanco
The stories were wonderful, some cool, some scary, all exciting! - Bernardina Cruz
In that time, my neighbour had given me a cat, and I named him Niantaro. My first cat, my favorite series - Miguel Limon
I always ran into trouble, I wish I had somebody like Comet near by who could help me out... - Wendolyn
My parents took one of my cousins home, to help my mom and she never did any magic. :-(   - Nancy
The kids run away from home, Comet uses her magic in front of everybody, unusual, right? - Milena
The series helped me a lot through my early childhood, Comet and the kids were my only friends back then - S. A.
My Dad was a teacher. And we had a telescope. I wondered why nobody landed in my backyard from outer space? - Roberto Karr
I had a colleage in the University, she was japanese, I asked about Comet and she didn't remember - Ma. Rita
I vaguely remember an episode with a dog and a veterinarian... then I wanted to become one. - Andres F.
Niantaro ( sp - not the right name ) was a very touching episode...  - Juan Casas
The witch from the mountain gave me nightmares for a very long time, but I love a good scare! - S.L.
Me and my friends used to play outside and pretend we were all the characters in the series - JuanCarlos
The episode with the magic balls was good. Every time I saw or had a ball in my hand, thought about a wish - Felipe
It was a very nice series, from the beginning to the end. Comet rules! - Jaime D.
The magic with the cow and the farmer was special. I remember it fondly. - Diana
I liked the one with the golden egg, because they leraned the value of not being selfish. - Grecia
When they helped some people after an earthquake showed us a very important lesson. - Mary Lopez
Comet not only had an episode with a cat, but another with a dog who went to the veterinarian. - Catalina Paz
I enjoyed everyday because I knew I was going to watch Comet-San after 5 pm. Real treat! - Gustavo
I didn't want the series to end. Sadly, Comet went back to BETA one day, the saddest day in my life. - Carlos Salas
I remember the episode with the yellow boots and Betan, who I liked a lot. - Marco Antonio Almazan
I remember one day when I went to the Hospital and missed some episodes... I was worse than I felt. - Luis Ackermann
What about that episode where Betan shows up for the first time? I was gladly surprised... - Juan Macias
Yumiko, if you read this I just want to tell you that we all love you! Please com back to Mexico! - Guillermo Miller
A friend told me about it and now I am a fan ( better late than never, he he ) - Lloyd Reedy
Comet was more than my imaginary friend, she meant a lot to me. - Jose Armas
How can you mend a broken statue? Run ask for help! and Comet is getting tired of all that, great! - Bertha
She came from planet BETA with a bag... I always wondered what was in that bag... - Roberto Cruz
All websites I have visited don't say why was the reason the parents changed. I am curious - D.J.
30 minutes a day was a nice break to watch Comet-San. I was so happy watching it! - Howard Hdz.
All my friends who saw it, commented at school during recess. - Juanjo Gonzalez
My favorite episode was the one with the insects playing football, it was pure joy! - Leo
Dad bought a camera and the kids started getting in trouble as usual, until Comet saves them. - Carolina M.
Betan and his brothers and the big Monkey were the things I remember the most. - Miguel Ricardo
The cartoon in the beginning of every show was delightful. After that I love all japanese anime. - Eugenia Saldana
My Dad bought the TV in the middle of the series and I missed some, I always hope to see it again. - Phophis
Anybody remember the puppets? That road show when one of the girls went to the Hospital. - David R.
My favorite episode was the one with the Flying saucers. I didn't knwothey existed - Eddie
The vet. I remember that because I didnt know up to that date, pets could have their own doctors. - Joaquin H.
I read somewhere that in episode 9 Comet wears a bikini. Oh God! How I'd like to see that! - Robert M.
It was funny ow when things got wet they disappeared if done by magic. Comet had a double too... - Marcos
Comet once fought against a black magic Warlock... That was scary! - Susana S.
Comet was a great help around the house, specially with those kids, if that was my case, I'd be happy - Rafaela Escobar
 I wish I could find bios and other info on script writers, dirctors, etc. - Karen
My favorite episode of all is the one with the Love letters, I felt so special - Mery
I used to jump and dance just like her at school, but the other kids bullied me - Gregorio
No other show has left so deep impresion in people, just ask anybody who is around 40 - Luis J.
Thanks to everybody who was involved in this project, Comet San is still here in our hearts! - Memo
I remember an episode where a guy comes out from a 1000 yen bill... it was amazing! - Agripina
Comet-San is the only series I can not forget since it stopped being on the air - Edgar Lomeli
Miss Yumiko: We w'd like to have Comet-San on DVD, even if it's subtitled. Many people remember this tv series and would buy it. - Ezeek
I heard Takeshi died some time ago... - Requ9
Pure nostalgia... thanks! - Zombie
Thanks for the memories... - Jose
I was 5 in the 80s and I remember sitting on the table to eat dinner and watch Comet-San - RodiazMorena
Thanks for the videos - Zamora Kaos
Oh My God! I have spent so many years asking around and nobody remembers! Thanks for this websites! - Maracucha
Two years ago ( 2006 ) I saw the seccond Comet, not as popular and lovable as the original, though - Petunia
I don't remember the series from the 60s, I like the one from the 70s - Buramba
Yes... I remember it was on Channel 4 - Barbarita
I went to Japan and asked around, it depends who I ask though, young people might not remember, but other do - BNTSOI
I had almost forgotten about Betan - Oceano Total
Comet made me fall in love with asian girls. When I was totally in love she vanished from the tv screen. I still dream of Comet!! - Angelo Santoni
It doesn't matter if Japan doesn't care about Comet-San, we do, we have her in our hearts and thats priceless! - Bruce
I was like 4 years old when I first saw the series, then somebody told me the tapes had been burned, maybe it was not true - Jako
When I was about 5, in the 80s my brother and I used to watch Comet after school - Davo
So it was not my imagination after all... I did watch Comet-San - Guanchez
It is difficult to choose between the two versions of Comet, theyre both great! - Chemvi
She is so beautiful - Cesar
Comet San is still here, she didn't go back to BETA star!! - Hidari Migikara 
 When I was small, my older sister watched the first run of Comet-San, I watched the second in the 80s - Azucena
Xoxoxoxo - JBM
Has been great to relive those old times, thanks! - Esquilo
I also grew up watching this series - Kometo
We had another state of mind back then - Jorgo
I would like to know the names in japanese of both the little dragon and the genie - Kalisper, Mty. N.L.
Comet-San was a huge hit in Mexico! - Tony Busen

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10/25/09 - I also would like to buy some DVds, I told my kids about it and now I found this site. I am glad it is here! Blanca Torres 

10/20/09 -WOW I am from Toluca Mexico, I working in Japan (SAITAMA) i Tried to find Miss Comet, but just one of my friends mentioned that his father used to be his teacher in Junior HS., i LOVED HER A LOT, I am 40, and will never forget senorita cometa, Thank you so much for create such a nice site. (from 


8/8/09 -Hello!  I have visited your Come-san website, it is so lovely!  Even this was broadcasted originally in Japan, I'm so amazed how lovely webiste by fan abroad! Iku Kaneko

3/29/09 -This show used to air in Costa Rica in the early 70's as well.  I am looking for all the episodes.  Thx. (from 

2/5/09 - is possible buy "betan" baby dragon here in mexico is impossible please help me. l love muppet baby dragon. Erik Solis

8/22/08 -I would like to know where can I get some DVds in spanish like we used to watch the series in Mexico. Fernando Saavedra 

5/29/08 - In Mexico we love Comet-San, I would like to see her visit us sometime. Esteban Guajardo 

3/10/08 - I am looking for DVD's to give as a gift to a friend who grew up in Mexico and loved Senorita Cometa.  Can anyone help me locate any DVD's.  

2/9/08 -Congratulations on your idea of opening this new space for Comet San fans! (from 

2/6/08 -I remember the episode of Koji growing older and told someone in the Yahoo Group (from 

2/5/08 -Hope you are satisfied with your website, and I hope you get a lot of followers (from