Comet-San コメットさん

( 1967 - 1968 )


From this episode and on, the voice of Chivigon ( Betan ) changes 

Original japanese air dates - all episode's names we don't officially know are literal translations from japanese

Sept. 16th. 1968 - Episode 64: Secret desicion ( Ghost's treasure? ) 

* There is hypnosis and monkeys, heirlooms, ancestors,  involved in this episode.

Ishihara ancestors buried a treasure in the Mansion. During some remodeling the secret is revealed. Some Buddhist Monks arrive there too. Spirits of ancestors.

Screenplay: 高久進( Susumu Takaku ), Directed by: 香月敏郎(Toshirou Katsuki). Aizu clan (Nobuaki Itoo) Guests: Yousuke Naka (site supervisor), Aihara,巨典(hotel manager), Masahiko Nezu (zero), Narumi Nishimura (Pippi), Masanori Koyama (Sasuke), Nobuaki Itou (落武者), Riyouzou Enomoto (人夫)

Sept. 23rd. 1968 - Episode 65: The beekeeper

* A kid from the countryside arrives to Tokyo because his grandfather will perform a job in the city. All kids at school reject him at first, he wears funny farmer's clothes, and a straw hat. They think is a martian and when they find him sleeping in a park bench, with some metal wake him up. He tells them all about his grandfather's job, since he is a beekeeper.

"-A what? ask Takeshi. He explains what he does with bees. Looking at Midori he tells her that she is pretty. Girls in my homeland are not this pretty. Midori's friends get a little jelous and upset by his remarks. "-Martian! - they scream at him.

 He takes them to the beehives and one of the girls gets a sting. The boy go gets some liquid and uses it on her. "-You will feel a lot better now. "-Yes, I do feel better already, thanks. "-Hey, what did you use? asks Takeshi. Urine. Later on Cometa takes a bee and make it grow so they all can ride it. Thay take a tour to see everything bees do.
There is a horrible storm and all beehives are getting damaged. Cometa makes all the bees grow big so they can cover the sky and protect the fields. Now the kids should catch some butterflies for a school project. Cometa goes to downtown with the kids to buy the butterfly catchers and they find their teacher buying a whole butterfly collection for his daughter. He is cheating. Takeshi, Koji and their friends are unable to catch anything, then somebody screams, "-Hey, with those nets you will hurt the buterflies wings. Is the beekeeper and takes the butterfly out and she goes away flying. '-So how do we do to catch them? asks Takeshi. "-If you want to catch them do this: and he takes a flower, pulls the petals out so the bees come by to eat. "-Never killa butterfly ever, thanks to them is that we have flowers. Didn't you know? Thanks to that the beekeeper makes friends with the kids. When he has to leave, they all feel very sad. 

Screenplay: 宮内婦貴子(Fukiko Miyauchi) and 大野武雄(Takeo Oono) Directed by: 香月敏郎(Toshirou Katsuki). Guests: Takumi Serizawa (SERITA), Hiromi Kubo (glasses), Junko Kameda (friend), Lin Hiroko (弘子), Nakamura (young bees's grandfather), Tsumoru Yasushi (young bee)


Sept. 30th. 1968 - Episode 66: 18 year old baby ( adult baby? ) 

* Cometa is talking to the girl next door, who is complaining about the baby she has to take care of. That's nothing comared to what I have to go through, replies Cometa. The girls has plans, the next, the baby's mom is hosting a tea party and the girls wants to go out and have some fun. "-What about the baby? -asks Cometa. "-It is about time his mother takes care of him. Cometa is concerned about the baby and tells Ms. Ishihara about it, who in turn, tells the baby's mom. So now with the change of plans, the girl is stuck to the baby, because the neighbor is going for the tea party somewhere else.

"-I dont know what did you tell that woman, but here is the baby, you take care of him! -the girl says. -Oh, and he eats every four hours, so don't forget it.

"-What? But, where are you going? -asks Cometa. -To have fun, where else? ( and she moves like she is dancing ). Now the baby is slowing Cometa down, she can not do everything like she used to. She starts crying. "-Who's baby is that, Cometa? -asks Takeshi. "-Is the neighbors, I have to keep him for a while. The kids try to entertain the baby, but all they do is futile. Now the baby doesn't stop crying too. The baby's mother is at the door inquiring about the party address, since Ms. Ishihara was also invited. Cometa comes and she sees the baby. "-What is my baby doing here? asks. Ms. Ishihara wants to know that too, so Cometa tells them that the girl has left to go dancing. The mother is angry and swears to give the girl a lesson as soon as she gets back, in the meanwhile Cometa has to take care of him. Not being an easy task, Cometa decides to turn him into a grown up baby, not giant, but with an adult's appearance. She thinks this way he is not going to be a big trouble. Chivigon shows up and the baby grabs the bottle and Chivigon starts crying. Then the baby goes somewhere and nobody can find him. The baby has gone out and is mistaken by his own babysitter, who tries to lure him to get coffee with her. Since he is not speaking, she orders a glass of milk for him. She keeps talking and asking but when he sees the milk starts crying because he doesn't know how to drink from a cup yet. This freaks the gilr out and she runs screaming.

Meanwhile, back in the house, Mr. Ishihara arrives and he is looking for some documents because he has to go back to work again. They hear noises and is the baby who is now inside the car trying to drive! The car runs and they all scream: "-Stop! Come back here! Use the break! to no avail, the car crashes nearby. Cut to the Hospital where Mr. Ishihara is all wrapped in bed.  Regarding the baby, he died. Everybody cries and Cometa goes out asking for help from the Professor. "-Please help me, what did I do wrong? "-This has gone very far this time, Cometa- replies. -"I know, it is all my fault, please punish me, but let the baby live. So the Professor turns time back until the moment when the baby was still a baby. "-That is how you should have been stayed. Cometa gives the baby to the sitter and she has been scolded by the mother. She will not have a day off for a whole month! Cometa has had enough with just one day.

The calendar actually says 30th when the accident happens and when the time turns back, it goes to 29th again... ( same date when aired ) 

Screenplay: 市川森一(Shinichi Ichikawa), Directed by: 山際永三( Eizou Yamagiwa ). Giraud (Tadashi Ozawa). Chi (太助the fishmonger), Tetsuo Morishita (Boy), Ki Asakawa Kosaka (金倉wife), Matiko Ootomo (KIYO), Hiroshi Tsukiji (owner of a fish shop), Hiroshi Sunaga (doctor), Mieko Kurosaki (Waitress), Hiroko Yasuda (housewife)


Oct. 7th. 1968 - Episode 67: Century's race 

* Dad has the chance to race, and the family gets really worried about it.

Dad has to make a new design for a more dinamic racing car. Since the driver has broken his leg trying to get a little parakeet from a treebranch, Mr. Ishihara has to drive now. Some gangsters try to kidnapp him but thanks to Cometa they fail. The day of the race the gangsters try to make him have an accident but the whole family is there to help, posing as mechanics. Cometa makes the bad guy see double and even the tires get out of the rims. He loses. Mr. Ishihara wins and the police takes care of the gangsters.

Screenplay: 吉原幸栄(Sachio Yoshiwara), Directed by: 山際永三( Eizou Yamagiwa ). Guests: Naoki (spy), Yoshiyuki Ookawa (spy), T. Wada ju (Boy), Toshio Hosokawa (Okada), Katsumi Shiina (Yoshimura)

Oct. 14th. 1968 - Episode 68: Shopping along the way 

*Takeshi and Koji got out of school and along with their friends stop at a window's toy store to see the goodies. They want everything but their parents only think about getting food and clothing. When they get home they see Cometa cleaning out her closet, out they go necklaces, dresses, earrings, etc. Mom thinks it is a good idea and does the same. So Takeshi thinks about selling his Dad's belongings, of course, things he thinks Dad doesn't need anymore. Soon all kids start doing the same. They make flyers sround the neighborhood and put up a big sign to advertise the garage sale. Takeshi, starts cheating some ladies changing the prices to a higher ones when nobody sees. "-I am sorry but this is 200, says when the lady hands out a 100 bill. "-But I am sure the sign said 100. "-No, I am afraid you are wrong, it is actually 200. And so on. When Cometa gets there some of the items look familiar. So, when she gets home notices some of her items are missing and putting two and two together, she runs out again to the sale and confront the kids. "-Hey! Cometa is coming! Let's go!" Too late, Cometa grabs him by the ear and start spanking them. Wait until we get home! Soon all moms do the same to their kids. As punishment, the kids now will do the cleaning. Cometa watches them while eating an apple.

Screenplay: 吉原幸栄(Sachio Yoshiwara), Directed by: 香月敏郎(Toshirou Katsuki). Guests: Hazime Tadashi (attendant), Oka Naka Shintaro (Oshima), Okubo Toshio (student), Masako Takagi (college student), Kiyoko Itou (Waitress), Mitsue Nomura (clerk)

Oct. 21st. 1968 - Episode 69: Love letters 

* Takeshi and Koji find old love letters from their parents in a keepsake box and they start changing the names so they look like Cometa is sending them to someone else. With lipstick put kisses on them and go give them away, to some of Cometa's aquaintances. The scam is soon uncovered by Cometa, who feeling very disappointed, uses her magic to get the letters back, the kisses tell poeple to send the letter back.

Screenplay: 市川森一(Shinichi Ichikawa), Directed by: 香月敏郎(Toshirou Katsuki). Guests: Mitsuo Azuma (正夫), Shigeru Tsudi (ramen shops), 日出夫(Goro), Haruo Yamada (正夫 father), Aiko Masuda (正夫 mother), Hiro Kasai (fishmonger landlady), Chi (太助), Ishikawa (Row's retirement), Shiyouiti Kagawa (printer), Kobe Ichiro (pizza), Nishikyou Hori (laundryman), Hiroyuki Seino (gas station clerk), Minoru Iizuka (butcher)


Oct. 28th. 1968 - Episode 70: Homemade movies 

* Dad buys a video camera and starts making home movies. Takeshi and Koji want to film Chivigon but Chivigon seems to suspect and doesn't show up at all. The summon the Professor but he appears all wrapped in a sheet very high so doesn't look good on film. Now they decide to tape Cometa when she is using her magic and get inside a cardboard box with a hole to peek through it. Thye follow her on the street and when she stops to help a kid whose plane is broken, she asks the kid to turn arund and uses her magic on the plane. Everything has been recorded. Run back home to watch the tape. Cometa is confused, an "X" sign appears on her cheek and after that the Professor.

"-Cometa! You are such a fool! While helping that kid you have been recorded! Remember that in the moment an adult sees you doing magic you will be sent back immediately! So Cometa runs home to try to avoid that fate. At home, a bunch of kids want their toys fixed by her with magic. They have seen the movie and when is over all clap, even Mom and Dad who were watching from the distance. "-Thats a good editing trick- Dad comments. It is done like this, and he explains how the editing trick is done. Now Takeshi and Koji's friends call them liers. Cometa feels safe. Even Midori is upset with them. But now there is a nice dressed kid at the door. It is the kid with the broken plane who came to thank Cometa and give her some flowers. "-How did you know where I live? asks Cometa. "-I followed you. Cometa gets a circle on her cheek. 

Screenplay: 石川孝人(Takato Ishikawa) Directed by: 山際永三( Eizou Yamagiwa ). Guests: Masanori Koyama (Sasuke), Narumi Nishimura (Pippi), Hiromi Kubo (glasses), Katsuyuki Okada (boy)


Nov. 4th. 1968 - Episode 71: Great adventure

*Cometa comes back from the store, she is singing very happy, saying hello to everybody. Then she overhears people saying that she shouldn't be working as help. That thought makes her feel dazy and distracted all day. One night she decides to take a walk to think, and she wants to leave the house. The Professor advises her to make sure that's what she wants. But she takes all her belongings, leaves a good-bye letter and walks out. She takes a bus and then she is seen walking along the highway, towards the countryside. Suddenly starts raining and some girls give her a lift. They are a group of Marionette handlers who go from town to town visiting Hospitals and other places to make kids laugh. One of them, Almendrita, just got out of surgery and there is nobody to play her marionette. Cometa visits the girl in the Hospital and takes the marionette with her, "-How are you Almendrita? Cometa told me you don't want to be he friend. Don't be like that, help her to be your friend, will you? Alone in another room, Cometa thinks over about what she did leaving the house, she feels frustrated. Lost in her thoughts, hears somebody is talking to her "-Cometa, I would like to be your friend but you are who fails because you do not believe in yourself." Finally Cometa is able to handle the marionette and the show is a great hit. The other girls wants Cometa to stay, but she had other plans. Going back home.

Once there Takeshi sees her and screams "-Cometa! You are back! "-Cometa?? Oh! Cometa!" says Mom getting out of the kitchen, and she has stuff on her face like ingredients, showing that she was cooking something. Everybody gets out to greet her. Cometa has learnt a lesson. Mom has learnt something too, not to depend on others so much. Now Cometa will have more spare time for herself. Cometa gets a circle on her cheek from the Professor.

Screenplay: 吉原幸栄(Sachio Yoshiwara), Directed by: 山際永三( Eizou Yamagiwa ). Guests: Hiroshi Kanai (荒巻), Toyoko Taketi (grandmother), Ami Masako (Etsuko), Kiyouko Sawa (秋子), Mari Nakamura (Yoko), Oka Naka Shintaro (Oshima), Gil Omura, (pinball parlor owner),覚三Iida (Chair), Akira Takashi Ishikawa (track assistant), Tizuko Hashimoto (daughter), Tigako Huzita (daughter), Yasuhiro Taziri (under), Kobe Ichiro (under)


Nov. 11th. 1968 - Episode 72: I am Challenger

Koji finds out his father wanted to be a boxer and he also wants to box. Cometa is opposed to that idea. Koji fights against his own shadow, first he loses, then Cometa feels sorry and let him win. Dad tells Koji that no matter what he decides to be as a grown up, he will always support him.

Screenplay: 市川森一(Shinichi Ichikawa), Directed by: 香月敏郎(Toshirou Katsuki). Guests: Motoo Noguti (gentleman), Nobuaki Sekine (police), Toshiyuki Niizeki (Japan featherweight 7th), Shigehumi Hukuyama (boxer), Sukagawa Noboru (beggar), Masaki Terada (thief), Takao (high school), Mitsuo Miyagawa (high school), Yoshiaki (high school)

Nov. 18th. 1968 - Episode 73: Good son

*Takeshi, Koji and Cometa read a book with old japanese stories and when they live them, find the morals still apply to the modern world. A farmer has nothing, so Cometa make a little cow appear and when she gives it to him, the cow comes alive. The farmer then tell Cometa to ask for anything she wants.

Cometa tries to teach the kids a lesson and they travel through time. They get to a farm and then a farmer comes running and screaming por help. Just then, a girl shows up and she is yielding a sword. Cometa asks her why she wants to kill him ans she says that he has killed her parents to rob them and screams: Bansai! Bansai!"

Cometa stops her and say that killing him doesn't solve anything, makes the farmer apologize and the girl starts crying. Cometa now tells the man to take care of the girl from now on and both agree.

Screenplay: 宮内婦貴子(Fukiko Miyauchi), Directed by: 月敏郎(Toshirou Katsuki). Guests: Junko Kameda (samurai daughter), Masao Takamatsu (chief), Shigeru Tsudi (Doorman), Masanori Koyama (Sasuke), Masahiko Nezu (zero), Hiromi Kubo (glasses), Takumi Serizawa (SERITA), Narumi Nishimura (Pippi), Yoshikazu Kikuti (servant), Kobe, Ichiro (man), Miki Ikezima (foot page), Masahiko Tanimura (lordship like), Takamitsu Watanabe (masterless samurai)

Nov. 25th. 1968 - Episode 74: The cheating Uncle 

*Unexpectedly, uncle Shohei ( Torahiko Hamada ) comes back home. Everybody thinks he has recovered from alcoholism, but he is actually worse. He has been fired from the Archeological Society and had rejected all the pieces he swears he found by the beach, birthplace of a civilization that didn't exist.

"-Look kids, I brought you something! from a sack among tree branches and dirt he takes some old pieces. Cometa alows him to stay in the kid's room for a while. When the Ishiharas see him start arguing, because they already know what is going on. "-Uncle, aren't you ashamed of yourself? Look at you, because of alcohol you have lost everything you had, even your job!

"-Those guys envied me, never beileved me, I am better off without them! -replies Uncle. "-Well, you will not stay here -Dad tell him. "-I am going to leave this here, maybe one day Takeshi or Koji decide to become archeologists, they will need them. "-Good, now, go! Uncle leaves saying goodbye.

Dad asks Cometa not to let him in again in case he returns. The kids think Mom and Dad are not fair, since Uncle needs help, not to be thrown out everytime.  "-Cometa, could you do something? , inquire the kids. "-I don't know, I don't want to get in trouble. "-You are just like them! - says Takeshi before going to school.

While doing the chores, Cometa see Uncle again, whistling and singing coming towards the house. "-That man again? Good, he will have a lesson! -Cometa says while using her magic to block his view and make him go away. Uncle sees a high wall and feeling sad, he turns around and leaves. "-I am a very old man and will soon die, says Uncle, but Cometa hears that and feels sorry for him. When Cometa goes after him, she finds him on the street, unconscious, so she takes him home. Back from school, the kids examine the old pieces he gave them earlier. "-That man is very sick Cometa, says the Professor. I allow you to use your magic. Now Cometa feels better, using her wand the four of them along with the items are transported to a wild forest close to a small village. "-Where are we?

"-Look, this is the village they claim didn't exist!, says Uncle. The inhabitants start a fire to welcome them, offering them food and shelter. Before going back home, Uncle asks Cometa lo leave him there, he is happy with that people. Cometa and the family go to the Museum and see the archeological pieces found by their uncle. Finally the Society has taken his job seriously. They dedicate this exhibit to his memory because they think he has died. "-I think Uncle would have liked to see this, says takeshi. "-You are right, Takeshi, but I am sure he is way better where he is now. Then a circle shows up on her cheek.

Screenplay: 吉原幸栄(Sachio Yoshiwara), Directed by: 山際永三( Eizou Yamagiwa ). The Big boss-cjief of old time (Akemi Tikushi), Shohei -Queen of the JOMON period (Hiroshi Ayukawa ) Hiroshi Ayukawa (ancient), May Haruko (小料理 shop).

Dec. 2nd. 1968 - Episode 75: The magic ball

***The magic Ping-Pong ball grants the wishes of whoever owns it. But there is a downfall, they can only get rid of it giving it away. Whoever gave the ball to Takeshi was free of the spell. Maybe in this episode Takeshi want to be a zumo wrestler, what I do remember well is when he pick up the phone and a voice tells him the test's answers. Finally the animated slaves who work endlessly to grant the wishes get their freedom ( they work in a clockwork machinery place with gears and everything ) and the ball turns to dust.

Screenplay: 市川森一(Shinichi Ichikawa), Directed by: 山際永三( Eizou Yamagiwa ). Guests: Hiroshi Ooizumi (lamb), Saburou Takashi Nishikawa (plastic models shopkeeper), Teruko Amano (woman), Hamada躬子 (teacher), Masahiko Nezu (zero), Takumi Serizawa (SERITA), Narumi Nishimura (Pippi), Masanori Koyama (Naruto)
Notes  (highlights): Kokonoe in synthetic hanging scene.


Dec. 9th. 1968 -Episode76: Small thing's spirit

**insects become humans and play soccer against the kids. At half time, one of them need blood and asks Cometa for some. She looks really scared when she sees the syringe and feels the needle. They teach Takeshi how to hit the ball with the head. During the game, I don't remember if insects are animated or they are played by real actors.

Screenplay: 吉原幸栄(Sachio Yoshiwara), Directed by: 香月敏郎(Toshirou Katsuki). Guests: Yuzuru Yamaguti (Wara area), Nobukazu Katou (Nakagawa), Akira Watanabe (Toba), Masahiko Nezu (zero), Masanori Koyama (Sasuke), Hiromi Kubo (glasses), Narumi Nishimura (Pippi), Watanabe Umenosuke 洋児 Nanmei Miki Ikezima Humihiko Kobayashi (insect team)


Dec. 16th. 1968 - Episode 77: Good-bye to Ochiba

* OCHIBA, Spirit of dead leaves. Prince take human form after being animated, because he is looking for the yellow boots.

Cometa wants to buy a pair of boots, but there's a creepy guy following her because he wants the same pair and unafortunaley, thats the last pair. The shoe seller, to make them both happy sells one shoe to each one. He goes to cry sitting ona park bench, and Cometa doesn't know what to do with only one boot. Could it make a good flower vase? With her magic she makes the missing boot come home, but the guy, who has followed her, now want both boots. Trying to get them through a window, the kids see him and he runs away. Th ekids run after him and chase him, so he tell them the story of the boots.

Once upon a time, there was this girl whose job was shining shoes at the park. She was saving money to buy the boots and the guy, who is the spirit of autumn, saw when she finally got enough money and ran to the shoestore, without looking first, being ran over by a car. Now he wants her to be happy in the afterlife and he want the boots. The kids agree and go home to steal Cometa's boots, replacing them with another pair they will make out of cardboard. I guess she wil never see the difference!

The guy takes the boots to the dead girl and Cometa wears hers to go out. Unaware, she steps on a puddle and little by little the boots start to break. She ends up walking barefoot, with just the tubes and feeling very disappointed, throws them away.

Screenplay: 市川森一(Shinichi Ichikawa), Directed by: 香月敏郎(Toshirou Katsuki). Ochiba (Hiroyuki Oota) Hazime Kawada (shoemaker's husband), Eiko Iida (girl). 


Dec. 23rd. 1968 - Episode 78: Snow town 

***This episode was weird. It is Christmas and there's a blackout. The whole family play hide and seek and tell horror stories. Like that one with the old woman ( Nagashima Maruko) who ate whoever didn't buy her matches. A girl who shots whoever doesn't buy what she sells. Koji finds a secret door in a closet that leads to a strange world. He meets a girl selling matches but since he doesn't have any money he gives her a pair of red shoes his Mom doesn't use anymore. Somebody for some reason wants to kill Koji. When Koji is found they think all has been an hallucination, but in the Christmas postcard in the living room they see the red shoes. Cometa thinks it is an opportunity to be thankful for what we have.

Screenplay: 市川森一(Shinichi Ichikawa), Directed by: 山際永三( Eizou Yamagiwa ). Guests: Nagashima Maruko (the old woman selling matches), Odaka (shoemaker), 木葉 Kumiko (match selling female), Tetsuo Morishita (Boy), Hiromi Tsuru (The Little Match Girl)


Dec. 30th. 1968 - Episode 79: Great gift ( Cometa's farewell )

* The Ishihara family depend on Cometas magic for everything, so the punishment is removed and now Cometa returns to her homeplanet..

Screenplay: 吉原幸栄(Sachio Yoshiwara), Directed by: 山際永三( Eizou Yamagiwa ). Guests: 春哉Kato (Broadcast clerk), Matsuo (clerk), Masahiko Nezu (zero), Masanori Koyama (Sasuke), Narumi Nishimura (Pippi), Hiromi Kubo (glasses), Takumi Serizawa (SERITA)

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Episodes 65,66, 67, 68, 69, 71, 74, 76, 77.

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