Comet-San コメットさん

( 1967 - 1968 )

3rd. season ( color )

This is the intro from Episode #63.

From 3rd. color season ( 49-79 ) since here she chases a pony and then the pony breaks the glass castle, which falls down to pieces. The Professor and the Song have changed too.

( From this episode on, there is a new family in the house: Ishihara, with new actors, jobs and home. Looks like people did not like the old parents, who never had time for their kids, apparently, the new parents spent more time with them and were more appealing to audiences. )

Lyrics from 2nd theme: Hiroshi Kawasaki, composer: Nakamura, sings: Yumiko Kokonoe.

Original japanese air dates - all episode's names we dont officially know are literal translations from japanese

June 3rd. 1968 - Episode 49: The flying car 

* In one of the last episodes shown in Mexico, Koji was making a car with junk, maybe as a school task or something. His Dad helps him from time to time. When Cometa see that the car is not going to run, she feels sad and with her magic she makes the car fly!

The car flies and goes up into space, where the kids see the Big and small bear costellations. The King wants to build his castle with the Aurora Borealis. The car runs with star power instead of gas.

Screenplay: 佐々木守(Mamoru Sasaki),  Directed by: 山際永三( Eizou Yamagiwa ) Guests: Omura (scrap dealer), Saburou Takashi Nishikawa (Uncle gas station), Odaka (firefighters), Yuki Shindou (woman neighborhood), Mitiko Suga (woman neighborhood), Matsuo litterateur (Nearby husband), Mikado Taro Akira (人夫)


June 10th. 1968 - Episode 50: Expedition into an anthill 

Mon sings happily in her anniversary, she cleans, rearranges things while Cometa goes out to get some sugar, since they wil be making a nice cake later on. Cometa stops to see a window at a bride store and thinks how happy Mom is being married. Cometa then keeps walking while singing a song.

The kids and Midori have gone to a Bakery, where they see ants on a cake. They want to buy the cake but not to pay full price since it has ants, but the baker sells them a piece, the piece with the ants!!

At home, there are some more ants in the garden. Takeshi takes a magnifier glass and checks one out. Yhe ant looks takeshi back with surprise. Mom's cake was good, and while they are eating, Mom notices she is missing her wedding ring's stone. That diamond simbolizes her love and happiness, she starts crying.

Cometa talks to Takeshi and Koji thinking that maybe someone ate it. They all go to the Hospital and have X rays taken. Nothing. Chivigon tells Cometa to look in the anthill so they all get small and equipped with a needle and thread go down the hole. It is very dark and humid and they can not see a thing. Somewhere on the road they meet an ant and Takeshi talks to it. Maybe the have mistaken it for a piece of coconut and the ant takes takeshi to the food shed. They find COmeta and Koji and all together walk by a cemetery, and a ant nursery. With the diamond they are about to go out, but Mom is watering the plants, so they let the stone go and it breaks into dust. Outside, Mom starts crying again when Dad gets home. A teardrop on her cheek turns into a beautiful diamond. Cometa has used her magic again, so Dad takes the diamond from her cheek and gives it to Mom. You can hear the Professor laughing in the garden.
Screenplay: 市川森一(Shinichi Ichikawa), Directed by: 山際永三( Eizou Yamagiwa ). Guests: Tetsu Saeki (doctor), Motoo Noguti (bakery owner), Yuzuru Yamaguti (clerk)

June 17th. 1968 - Episode 51: The wonderful straw boat 

* The bamboo boat and Cometa can not make magic right, when trying to have ice cream she makes mud instead.

The kids place little paper dolls in boats to make a wish for New Year's. Cometa is with them when they get the piece of paper to write down their wishes. Nobody should peek other people's wishes. After letting the boats on the river, Cometa makes the dolls tell, some wishes are funny, some weird, there is a doll who is ashamed. "-I wish my Mom didn't have a tongue... What? Only a bad boy could ask for that! replies Cometa. I would also like my brother to see the sea. He is very sick. Cometa calms down after hearing that and asks Takeshi and Koji if some of their friends have problems.  Well, one of them doesn't have a father and his mother is mean to him and his brother. Like a flashback, we can see the kid's house and his mother screaming and beating him.

Cometa talks to him and they become friends. While their mother is away, she talks to both, but one of them is sick and he wishes to go see the sea. Some time later, he goes to the Hospital. Takeshi and Koji go to visit him bringing drawings depicting sea scenes. Cometa talks to the doctor to see if the kid could go with them ona trip to the sea. During the ride, they sing, give the kids presents, and finally arrive to the beach. "-Are you happy? -Not yet- replies the boy. "-Why? -Because I would like to run and get into the water, feel it on my feet. Play with my brother. Cometa makes his soul leave the body and run to the group of kids playing. Cometa watches them while they all play together, jumping and running along the beach.

Screenplay: 宮内婦貴子(Fukiko Miyauchi), Directed by: 香月敏郎(Toshirou Katsuki). Guests: TOYO Fukuda (Sasuke mother), Osamu Inayoshi (street vendor), Masanori Koyama (Sasuke), Masahiko Nezu (zero), Mitsunobu Kaneko (Taro), Narumi Nishimura (Pippi), Hiromi Kubo (glasses), Takashi Satoshi Matsumura (Giraud)


June 24th. 1968 - Episode 52: War against the rain

* It has been raining very hard and the kids are bored and want the rain to stop. They make dolls to pray the gods and make them stop the rain. Since the rain doesnt stop the kids want to behead the dolls, because the rain doesn's stop the dolls lose their heads. The dolls are now angry and take it against the kids. Cometa helpd them get into a toy tank to fight those dolls.

Teru, shaved dolls. One is yellow and is the leader with an origami helmet. One is red and is one of the 3 musqueteers, writes grafitti with black ink on a board. One more is blue, and a priest. One is pink. They have a paper plane and a bomb made of newspaper, with pencil and pencil boxes. There is a sprinkler in the corner. 

Screenplay: 大橋公威(Kimitake Oohashi) Directed by: 香月敏郎(Toshirou Katsuki). Guests: Huzie喜幸(Goro), Makoto Hazime木佐-ri (geta store owner), Ayako Ueno (Goro's mother), Tizuko Tadokoro (Goro aunt), Masahiko Nezu (zero), Kuniko Arai (Goro's sister), Narumi Nishimura (Pippi)


July 1st. 1968 - Episode 53: Beat that monster!

*OBAKE - Tournament. Saburo has to overcome his fear. One kid among many, with a candle in his mouth, lantern. Franken Clos de Dracula

Takeshi and Koji have to prove they have courage but they don not want to. Cometa shows them that back in the past their Dad had to go through that test too. And he was helped by the Storyteller, who gave Dad a pair of little wood cilinders, to clash them together making a big noise. Dad have to go through a huge amount of ghosts and gremlins, spirits like big balls of fire. Finally Dad finishes the test and the storyteller is happy for him.

Screenplay: 市川森一(Shinichi Ichikawa), Directed by: 山際永三( Eizou Yamagiwa ). Guests: Hara Imamura (picture-story house), Makoto Shigeru七井(Dad as kid), Kaori Ikehata (Dad's mom)

July 8th. 1968 - Episode 54: The Red Balloon

* Cometa puts the kids in a balloon, so they leave her alone, but Chivigon let the balloon lose by mistake and they fly away through the window. The kids end up in an island with some fishermen and they help them to fix one of the fisher's boats.

Screenplay: 大石隆一(Ryuuichi Ooishi) Directed by: 山際永三( Eizou Yamagiwa ). Monster A (Umenosuke), Monster B (Eiichi). Guests: Katsumi Ishiyama (clerk), FUKA Harue (Aunt), Kazuhiro Hukuzaki (positive work), Teruyuki Maezawa (Masatsugu), Yoshikazu Kikuti (monster B),卜(source work), Ayako Okamura (Grandma)

July 15th. 1968 - Episode 55: Chibikko gang 

* A gang of little kids find a school bus, old and junky, first they start playing but end up fighting to keep the bus. Cometa tells them not to fight over nothing. She makes the bus look brand new and they all go for a ride.

NAKIMUSHI - Chibigon's first brother, has pink hair. Nakimushi means pink hair. He is a prank and eats from a pancake box. OKORINBO is second, he has blue hair and likes to skate. CHAKKARI is third and has red hair. He is impertinent and goofy. has a booster rocket. Ron Paris is the fourth brother, and his hair is green. He has a girlfriend. Last but not least is intellectual His hair is brown and wears glasses. Uses the dictionary. They all have been sent from Beta in a rocket to visit Cometa. BEKO-chan is Ron's friend but only appears in name.

Screenplay: 宮内婦貴子(Fukiko Miyauchi), Directed by: 香月敏郎(Toshirou Katsuki). Guests: Masanori Koyama (Sasuke), Masahiko Nezu (zero), Narumi Nishimura (Pippi), Akihiro Matsumoto (florist's clerk)



July 22nd. 1968 - Episode 56: Thunder Kin counter attacks 

* The tv set is broken and the gorilla doll comes alive.

* Cometa goes out to get ice cream and when the ice cream is melting, the gorilla doll speaks and asks for some ice cream.

Kong, King of thunder. Two men who had broken in the house to steal so they can take a cruise around the world.

Screenplay: 小宮敬(Kei Komiya) and 内山順一朗(Junichirou Uchiyama), Directed by: 香月敏郎(Toshirou Katsuki). Red BOKO (Makoto Konno)  and Blue BOKO (Haru Maki). Guests: Taneo Kusayanagi (野次馬), Noboru Hirano (野次馬), Tadamasa Oda (野次馬),奄下千恵子(野次馬), Lu Guan (roundsman), Yoshikazu Kikuti (gang), Miki Ikezima (gang), Ko Ozaki (gang), Hiroshi Asami (police)
Notes  (highlight): Ishihara's floor plan. 


July 29th. 1968 - Episode 57: Cavity little demon 

* Koji has a cavity but is afraid to visit the dentist. Cometa makes Takeshi so small he can get into the molar tooth and fight the cavity.

Screenplay: 市川森一(Shinichi Ichikawa), Directed by: 山際永三( Eizou Yamagiwa ). Guests: Hitomi Nishizaki (Ryuu Nishizaki), Yoshikazu Kikuti (dentist), Mieko Kurosaki (shopgirl), Akiko Nikaidou (Midori's mother)

Aug. 5th. 1968 - Episode 58: Betan Rescue operation - defeat the kidnappers 

* Takeshi and Koji, along with many school mates and personnel send furniture and goods to a little town that has been devastated by a earthquake. Documentary style, the epsiode explain how earthquakes happen and what to do when they happen.

Screenplay: 宮内婦貴子(Fukiko Miyauchi), Directed by: 山際永三( Eizou Yamagiwa ). Guests: Satoshi Nagaya (bakery owner), Shigeo Hiramatsu (Hutoshi Hazime), Masanori Koyama (Sasuke), Masahiko Nezu (zero), Toya Kou猫八(Uncle)

Aug. 12nd. 1968 - Episode 59 : How to do homework without really trying 

* Takeshi and Koji have to collect some insects for a school work, but to save time and effort, they try to buy them in a store.

Screenplay: 宮内婦貴子(Fukiko Miyauchi), Directed by: 香月敏郎(Toshirou Katsuki). Guests: Hiroshi Ito (teacher), Murata, sushi, Takumi Serizawa (SERITA), Masahiko Nezu (zero), Narumi Nishimura (Pippi), Hiromi Kubo (glasses), Kawana美也子

Aug. 19th. 1968 - Episode 60: Ghost parade

* The kids eat junk food from the street vendors and then some bugs start eating their brains out. They have headaches that makes them twist in pain. Anybody remembers something else to add?

*Ghosts fighting Cometa and the vacuum suction to beat them. Number of ghosts beaten appears on Cometa's cheek in blue ink. Takeshi and Kojii are collecting cardboard cards with different monsters on them, to throw them because they are round and they fly. Somehow Cometa turns all monsters into real ones, they might not be too dangerous but they sure are playful. To beat them, they need a special card, with the Monster that eat other monsters, and Cometa finds it. Once alive, that monster sucks, like a vacuum cleaner, all the other monsters. He doesn't want to go back to the card, so finally is forced and submitted to do it.

Gallo Mengko is an entity from blue sky in the shape of a specter of justice and has a yellow cape. He is shown live and animated. Mengko was the best among 200. David Gama and King Spectre ( cartoon ) four other unnamed ghosts, are eaten by Gallo, one with a black Hud, one light blue, one with a pig's nose and the last one, a small orange one.

Screenplay: 大石隆一(Ryuuichi Ooishi) Directed by: 香月敏郎(Toshirou Katsuki). Gallo Mengko ( ghost eater ) Takumi Kitagawa.


Aug. 26th. 1968 - Episode 61: Taro's hat 

* Takeshi and Koji are teasing a cat. Cometa turns the cat into a human being to teach the kids cats have feelings too. Now the cat tells them that his name is Neantharo and he wants to go to his hometown to visit his mother and siblings. They might have been given away to other families, but his mother should still be there. All together ride the train, and go to the land where the cat came from.  After countless adventures, like the cat being afraid to get into the river to cross it, they arrive to a little hous and he asks for his mother. But she has died and the old lady who live in the house takes them to the tumbstone. Now Neantharo wants to be a cat again, to stop the pain of knowing his mother has passed away. Cometa grantes him the wish and he runs across the field...

Screenplay: 市川森一(Shinichi Ichikawa),  Directed by: 大槻義一(Yoshikazu Ootsuki). Dora (Shigeru Umetsu ). Guests: Shigeru Umetsu (NYAN Taro), Asano Zirou Susumu (金倉), Hiroshi Asami (police), Kiyoko (old woman), Matiko Ootomo (KIYO), Yuri Sakai (fisherman woman), Odaka (fisherman), 正八Otsu (fishmonger), Teruko Iida (金倉wife), Nobuhiro Baba (liquor shop), Chi (laundryman)

Sept. 2nd. 1968 - Episode 62: Blind date 

*** Mom and Dad think it is time for Cometa to get married, she is old enough and shouldn't be working with them while she could be taking care of her own family. Cometa asures them she is happy like this, but they insist, showing her wedding gowns and even taking her to a Bride's store. They want her to meet a guy they know. He is a good prospect for a husband since he is educated and hard working. Cometa hardly agree and starts making the hor douvr's but Mom makes them and when he arrives, they speak wonderfully about Cometa. 

"-Do you have a hobby? - Yes, I like magic tricks - Interesting! Moving her hands she makes a gun appear and aiming to him pulls the trigger. It is a lighter! Everybody laughs.

"-Cometa! Such a nice trick! Yes! You always so funny! He invites her to dinner sometime soon and Cometa sees there is no other way out and say yes. Takeshi and Koji ask her if she will actually get married. -"Don't worry" replies. On the day of the date, they both go to a restaurant and theres a lot of fishtanks surrounding the place.

"-Something to drink? - What would you like to drink, Cometa? -Just a beer, please!" Cometa shocks the boy with her way of drinking, just one sip and it's gone. At home, Mom and Dad await anxious, send the kids to bed but they stay alert. The bell rings and everybody runs to get the door. The guy brings Cometa inside totally drunk. He leaves deeply upset. The kids follow him but Cometa calls them. "-Look kids, I brought something for you! In a plastic bag there is some fish. Cometa is scolded and she apologizes. The next day they tell her that the boy's parent have cancelled the engagement, since he doesn't want to get married with someone who can not control her way of drinking. She drank 20 beers in one date.

Screenplay: 宮内婦貴子(Fukiko Miyauchi) and 大野武雄(Takeo Oono) Directed by: 山際永三( Eizou Yamagiwa ). Guests: Kenzi Niwa (Kitagawa), Masahiko Nezu (zero), Masanori Koyama (Sasuke), Lin Hiroko (弘子), Narumi Nishimura (Pippi), Hiromi Kubo (glasses)

Sept. 9th. 1968 - Episode 63: Adventures in the magic forest  

* In a quiet afternoon, Mr. Ishihara plays golf with some friends. Cometa and the kids tag along to have some fun, but, as always, the kids escape and find a girl who is playing with a little rag ball. Koji want to play too, but the ball goes downhill. After the ball they go finding an old house where the girl's grandma lives. Sweet granny greets the kids and invites them to get inside for some food. Dad notices the kids absence and asks Cometa for help. She starts looking for them. The real reason the granny wanted the kids was to eat them! When Cometa gets there the woman is now a real witch and they start fighting. The whole forest gets on fire. Cometa's eyes get hurt and then the gorls helps her to recover the sight. With the ball they beat the witch and finally the girl can rest in peace.  Cometa sings a sad song by the girl's grave.

Screenplay: 市川森一(Shinichi Ichikawa),  Directed by: 山際永三( Eizou Yamagiwa ). Guest: Masanobu Ookubo (KIKORI man),  (police), Hiromi Tsuru (Mali, girl), Tanaka (granny)

This episodes were on Televisa's programming lists 

Episodes 51, 54, 56, 57, 58, 59, 63.