Comet-San コメットさん

( 1967 - 1968 )


( Grandma visit the family and stays for 9 episodes )

Original Japanese air dates - episode titles we dont officially know have been translated literally from japanese.

Feb. 26th. 1968 - Episode 35: Grandma comes from the stars  ( a great family? )

* Grandma came from the stars to visit Cometa, she used to wear a funny dress and she made magic while swirling an umbrella...

Screenplay: 西田一夫(Kazuo Nishida), directed by: 中川信夫( Nobuo Nakagawa ). Comet's granny: Hisako Hara. Guests: Taro Zyou (magistrate's), Kiyoko (woman), Ishikawa (whitebeard), Masao Takamatsu (warrior), Mitiko Suga (young woman), May Haruko (Akita wife), Kiyoshi Miyakoshi (theatrical combat)


Mar. 4th. 1968 - Episode 36: Snow creature 

* On vacation at the Himalayan mountains, Dad wears a YETI costume and ends up dancing with Cometa on the snow.

Screenplay: 吉原幸栄(Sachio Yoshiwara), Directed by: 中川信夫( Nobuo Nakagawa ). Voices: Spirit of the snow ( Yumiko Kokonoe ), Yeti ( Hiroshi Ashino ), snow gnomes ( Mitsuo Yagi ), Oona ( Yukari Asai ). 

Mar. 11st. 1968 - Episode 37: Useless air war 

*** This is the one with the old school bus. All the kids have taken this bus and use it as a place to play and express some other tlanets, like painting, etc. Other kids from a different neighborhood try to take it and thats how the war starts between them...

Screenplay: 石川孝人(Takato Ishikawa), Directed by: 山際永三( Eizou Yamagiwa ). Guests: TOYO Fukuda (Sasuke mother), Akikazu Nishida (official), Mikado Taro Akira (人夫), Tsuguaki Yoshida (Yamato), Masanori Koyama (Sasuke), Masahiko Nezu (tank), Yasuhiro Arai (punch), Yutaka Inoue (zero), Lin Hiroko (弘子), Narumi Nishimura (Pippi).

Mar. 18th. 1968 - Episode 38: Early Christmas ( Christmas in spring? ) 

* One of the kid's friends is dying and his last wish is to see his brother again, but he promised to return on Christmas, so Cometa asks God ( and the crucifix talks back ) to have an early Christmas. The brother comes back and everybody is happy. 

 * This episode was beautiful but sad. Cometa is doing the shopping when an old man calls her Sumiko while runs to get her grabbing her by the arm. Cometa knows there is got to be a mistake and leaves, but he suffers like a cough attack, throws everything he has and falls. His things are brushes and paint. Cometa takes him to his home, where he has beautiful paintings. The old man smiles while shows Cometa the many paintings he has done of his daugther. Since Cometa reminds him of her, he asks if he could paint Cometa. She agrees and upon returning home she tells the family about it and wears a beautiful pink kimono with a huge bow on her head. The painting session is interrupted by his cough or asthma attacks. Takeshi and Koji make company but at the end, the painter gets worse and Cometa gets really scared. She gets into a catholic Church and asks Jesuschrist to speed up time and bring Winter in spring. What followed was a scene that was not censored or something, because Jesus starts moving and talking "-What do you say? I don't understand. Cometa tell the kids go see the old man because a surprise awaits. When he loks through the window, is snowing... there is some knocking at the door, Cometa is right there with his daughter.

 *Funny fact: The theater looked occidental, even the paintings depicting blonde, blue eyed kids looked very occidental. Maybe he had studied art in Paris, London.

Screenplay: 光畑碩郎(Sekirou Mitsuhata), Directed by: 山際永三( Eizou Yamagiwa ). Guests: Hitoshi Aono I (Yashima artist),那保 (cooking instructor), Keiko Miyauti (弓子), Koutarou Mori (doctor), Tatsuya Ryuu (exhibition visitor), Satoshi Nagaya (exhibition visitor), Katsumi Ikeda (Miss)

Mar. 25th. 1968 - Episode 39: magic crayons 

*Like in the rebellion of toys, now the kids are breaking and misusing their crayons, and because they want a brand new box, with 64 colors, during the night, old crayons come alive and make some drawings to prove they are still good..

They dance the dance of the syntesis of color and expresion

Screenplay: 大橋公威(Kimitake Oohashi ), Directed by: 大槻義一(Yoshikazu Ootsuki)


Apr. 1st. 1968 - Episode 40: Leaving home 

The kids escape from home in a bus just like the one from the previous episode, only new and working. Granda is always close in case they need her.

Cometa goes out looking for happiness, or the blue bird? Monstruos rice beast? Kids love movies and theres a rice monster.

Screenplay: 小宮敬(Kei Komiya), Directed by: 大槻義一(Yoshikazu Ootsuki). Guests: Hiroshi Asami (policeman at the police), Kitakyushu man (police), Nobuhiro Baba (young man)


Apr. 8th. 1968 - Episode 41: Who has stolen the eggs?

- Koji loses an egg at school.

This is the one where the boys hatch eggs to grow chickens.

Koji rides a cloud and has nightmares involving small indians... Happy guy. Punishment crucifixion. Small indian, theres a giant egg in the indian village.

Screenplay: 小宮敬(Kei Komiya), Directed by: 香月敏郎(Toshirou Katsuki). Happy beggar ( Wataru Takabayashi ). Guests: Hiroshi Yagiyuu (Takeshi teacher), 遊亭 (comic monologue),一茶Miyajima (supermarket clerk), 美田 (supermarket clerk), Yutaka Inoue (zero), Masaaki Kawada (Cy elephant), Takumi Serizawa (SERITA), Harumi Tanaka (KEME child), Noboru (beggar), 友野 Keisuke (beggar).


Apr. 15th. 1968 - Episode 42: Duck parade 

* The duck has been separated from its owners

Screenplay: 西田一夫(Kazuo Nishida), Directed by: 香月敏郎(Toshirou Katsuki). Guests: Hamada 躬子 (弘子mother), 蓮川 (Ken ward's mother), Lin Hiroko (弘子), Yutaka Inoue (zero), Satoshi Kusakabe, Satoru (Ken ward), Matsugorou Mita (guest), Watanabe Noriko (guest), Husae Kiuti (guest), Takumi Serizawa (Ken ward of a friend), Kazuaki Sato (Ken ward of a friend), Takayuki Abe (Ken ward of a friend), Masaaki Kawada, Toshihiko Kariya (driver)

Apr. 22nd. 1968 - Episode 43: Working together ( Charity campaign)

Photography is not a good business. All the kids pictures come out bad, except the one with grandma riding a pony in the carousel.

Screenplay: 大橋公威(Kimitake Oohashi) Directed by: 板谷紀之(Toshiyuki Itaya). Guests: Mitio Kida (old school), Tsuguaki Yoshida (Yamato), Yutaka Inoue (zero), Narumi Nishimura (Pippi), Masaaki Kawada, Harumi Nakamura (Junko), Nobuo Iizuka (Jiro), Keiko Matsumoto (photon), Masahiro Oyake (Yoshi Taro), Takumi Serizawa (friend), 桃井菜奈(friend)


Apr. 29th. 1968 - Episode 44: Carousel ( grandma's farewell )

Takeshi and Koji love grandma very much and they don't want her to leave. So she manages to leave secretly. The kids find out right on time and beg Cometa to take them to see her for a last time. They go to a fair and ride the carousel, both kids on the same horse. So the carousel starts spinning  and then the horse comes alive, and among the cluds they see grandma and crying say good-bye. Grandma is riding a tricycle.

Screenplay: 吉原幸栄(Sachio Yoshiwara), Directed by: 板谷紀之(Toshiyuki Itaya). Guests:とん平 (merry-go-round attendant), Tiharu Inayoshi (Oyama), Yutaka Inoue (zero), Tsuguaki Yoshida (Yamato), Masaaki Kawada,桃井菜奈(friend), Takumi Serizawa (friend)


May 6th. 1968 - Episode 45: Flying fish

* The carp streamer, with Cometa and the kids riding a giant fish, and more flying fish animated.

To celebrate children's day, the kids are happy with fun and games and they decide to build a giant carp streamer. 

Screenplay: 吉原幸栄(Sachio Yoshiwara), Directed by: 山際永三( Eizou Yamagiwa ). Guests: TOYO Fukuda (Sasuke mother), Narumi Nishimura (Pippi), Masanori Koyama (Sasuke), Masaaki Kawada, Takumi Serizawa (friend), Masahiko Nezu (zero), Harumi Tanaka (KEME child), Yasuhiro Arai (friend), Sakurai (friend)


May 13rd. 1968 - Episode 46: Who is the lazy here?

* It is a rainy day and the whole family is driving Cometa crazy. She makes everybody feel sleepy and they all dream the same dream, being pirates looking for a treasure in a deserted island.

Screenplay: 佐々木守(Mamoru Sasaki),  Directed by: 山際永三( Eizou Yamagiwa ). Sub (Minoru Uezu ) and Joong (Shigeru Tsuzi ) are the pirates. Guests:Masanori Koyama (Sasuke), Masahiko Nezu (zero), Narumi Nishimura (Pippi)


May 20th. 1968 - Episode 47: Get the doll!

*On this episode, the kids mistreat a white plush doll, they keep doing it despite Cometa telling them not to. One day, just being bad, they cut a piece off the doll. In that precise moment, strange things start happening around the house. Food gets burnt, objects get lost, so on. One day they catch a glimpse of a little figure running, Cometa help them become small and pursue the figure on an helicopter. When they finally catch it, it is the white plush doll! So all the doll was doing was getting even for all that damage he suffered in their hands. When Cometa sees the place where he was cut, make the kids apologize and ask for forgiveness. Now the doll flyes away in a toy plane towars toyland, he waves good-bye.

Screenplay: 宮内婦貴子(Fukiko Miyauchi), Directed by: 香月敏郎(Toshirou Katsuki). Guests: Masanori Koyama (Sasuke), Masahiko Nezu (zero), Narumi Nishimura (Pippi),
Hiromi Kubo (glasses), 桃井菜奈(friend)

Notes  (highlights): Ninja moonlight helmet troops.


May 27th. 1968 - Episode 48: Ghosts of comics!

*** Snakes and cats with shining eyes. Cometa pretending to be blind and/or wrapped all in bandages.

OBAKE - Cometa and the haunted house. Ghost # 1 ( color orange ), ghost # 2 is green and has a beard. Ghost # 3 is blue with wife and kids, play piano.

Screenplay: 大橋公威(Kimitake Oohashi) Directed by: 香月敏郎(Toshirou Katsuki). Guests: TOYO Fukuda (Sasuke mother), Masanori Koyama (Sasuke), Maki Nanase (MUSHIBA mother), Masahiko Nezu (zero), Kazuya Ebara (MUSHIBA), Tsuguaki Yoshida (Yamato), Narumi Nishimura (Pippi), Kazuaki Sato (Badger beans), Tana保美 (light-chan)


Episodes from televisa's listings:

Episodes 38, 39, 41, 42, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48.

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