Comet-San コメットさん

( 1967 - 1968 )

Second season of three, in magical color! 


This is intro from Episode # 28,

( 1st. color season 20-48 ) in this intro the changes are: Cometa is chasing a Pony and then the pony breaks a glass castle, but it doesn't fall to pieces, explodes into a firework of stars instead. The Professor's look and the song are the same as in the previous black and white season.

Song from 1st. and 2nd. season, written by: Yuasa, lyrics by: Shuji Terayama, sing: Yumiko Kokonoe.

With episode #20 ( most expensive in all series ) begins a new age in full color.

Original Japanese air dates - episode titles we dont officially know have been translated literally from japanese.

Nov. 13rd. 1967 - Episode 20: Rebellion of the toys ( war of the toys ) 

* Takeshi and Koji were mistreating their toys, Cometa uses her magic so they become alive and Chivigon is the Commander! The toys, mostly bellicose ones, give the kids a run for their money. Koji uses his toys to fight against Takeshi's. They get into the war with so much strenght, that they put the toys aside and start fighting one another.

*Looks like Chivigón, to teach the kids a lesson, because they were mistreating their toys, turn the toys into  live objects. Maybe in one scene they become small and fly in a remote controlled helicopter. After that lesson they start taking good care of their toys.

Here, Kumamotomakes a reference ( japanese ). Screenplay: 高久進( Susumu Takaku ), Directed by: 中川信夫( Nobuo Nakagawa ). Guests: Hiroshi Takashi (sub-chan)


Nov. 20th. 1967 - Episode 21: On justice's side 

*** Masked hero and everyone disguised as a cartoon character.

All the kids in town are crazy for this caped hero and Takeshi and Koji couldn't be the exception. So Comet-San make him come alive. 

Screenplay: 西田一夫(Kazuo Nishida), directed by: 中川信夫( Nobuo Nakagawa ). Masked hero(in): Shima Nishi. Hazime Nishishima (red cloak), Hiroshi Ayukawa (chief editor), Hitoshi Yamada (Daisuke), Hiroshi Yamasaki (police), Tomoko Ogi (Shy Mom), Matsushima Young-il (rogue), Shigeru Yokota Kuma (rogue), Mikado Taro Akira (adopt the following horses), Teizou Muta (red give Gil)

Nov. 27 Episode 22: The other children  ( fugitives ? )

Looks like theres trouble in the house, because the parents sleep in something like a closet.

Screenplay: 佐々木守(Mamoru Sasaki),  directed by: 大槻義一(Yoshikazu Ootsuki). Guests: Zhang Tian Lake (Aunt)

Dec. 4th. 1967 - Episode 23: Fear to the dentist

* A boy  and a big husky lumberjack. A dentist.

Fear to the dentist can cause more trouble than the bad tooth itself.

Screenplay: 松田暢子(Nobuko Matsuda) Directed by: 大槻義一(Yoshikazu Ootsuki). Boy ( Iso Yamamoto ). Guests: Susumu Ishikawa (dentist), Iso Yamamoto ( YABO), Osamu 君塚(Toru), Kazuyuki Tinami (man in the movie), Hiroko Hatakeyama (a woman in the movie).

Dec. 11st. 1967 - Episode 24: Hate

Takeshi and Koji trick another kid into believing that Betan is a winding toy. Then they go on a hot balloon trip.

Screenplay: 奥山長春(Nagaharu Okuyama), directed by: 中川信夫( Nobuo Nakagawa ). Guests: Kazushi Ishihara (DODONPA)


Dec. 18th. 1967 - Episode 25: Fair vote!

*Election campaign at elementary school. Father of the boy ( Deng ) who appears in the theater piece. Ching-ya is the main character.

Screenplay: 吉原幸栄(Sachio Yoshiwara), directed by: 中川信夫( Nobuo Nakagawa ).

  Guests: Hirotoshi Onozaki (Deng), Akiyoshi Kitaura (doctor), Masanori Koyama (zero), Yutaka Inoue (Naruto)


Dec. 25th. 1967 - Episodio 26: Santa Claus is here!!

* Cometa dress herself as Santa Claus. The roots of the legend of Saint Nicolas in Asia Minor. Charity, funds raising.

Screenplay: 小宮敬(Kei Komiya), directed by: 中川信夫( Nobuo Nakagawa ). Guests: (St. Nicholas), Takashi Nishikawa, Jiro (small Salvation Army Dad), Odaka edge (police), Syouiti Kagawa (Santa small father), Yaeko Momose (clerk), Youko Huzishiro (the Salvation Army's older sister)

Jan. 1st. 1968 - Episode 27: Celebrating the New Year

* Traditionally, every family should fly a kite on New Year's, mainly in the shape of an animal. Takeshi and Kojii didn't have enough money to make their own, or maybe they wanted to build a very expensive one, anyway they ask for help to Señorita Cometa. She thought it was not good to make that kite using magic, it could be like cheating. The kids end up making it and I remember seeing them inside a huge red fish that was so heavy it couldn't fly. So, Cometa, feeling sorry for them after all that work, make the kite fly. Anybody remembers who was riding the fish?

*Chimp riding a bicycle. The chimpanzee ( voice: Katsue ) Henrik is the chimpancee's son. Chimps speak english.

Screenplay: 高久進( Susumu Takaku ), Directed by: 中川信夫( Nobuo Nakagawa ). Chimpanzee's voice: Katsue. Guests: Peter Williams (foreign Henrik), I Creo (chimpanzee), Yutaka Inoue (zero), Kanazawa (Sasuke), Narumi Nishimura (Pippi), Reiko Yamagata (レイ子)


Jan. 8th. 1968 -Episode 28: My secret 

* The kids dig a secret hole in the back of the house and when they find a place through a hole, fantasies come to their minds.

Screenplay: 佐々木守(Mamoru Sasaki), directed by: 山際永三( Eizou Yamagiwa ). Guests: Tise Watanabe (zero mother), TOYO Fukuda (Sasuke mother), Hiroko Kokonoe (Pippi's mother), Yutaka Inoue (zero), Masanori Koyama (Sasuke), Narumi Nishimura (Pippi)

Jan. 15th. 1968 - Episode 29: Cruelty is a bad idea ( Nashi is angry ) 

* Comet-San has a bump in her forehead.

 Screenplay: 光畑碩郎(Sekirou Mitsuhata), directed by: 山際永三( Eizou Yamagiwa ). Guests: Hiroshi Takashi (liquor shop), Tiyouta Tamakawa (greengrocer), Otsu (milkman), Hutoshi Riyou (bakery), Kazuo Kobayashi (bakery), Tsunao Naitou ( a man)


Jan. 22nd. 1968 - Episode 30: Visit to Fairytaleland  ( a beautiful fairy tale? )

* Koji rides the Thunderbirds 4 spaceship? Cometa takes everybody to the land of the toys, where they meet Red riding hood's grandmother, an indian girl, a racoon doll, a paper doll, etc.

● Bat (voice: Akihito Kawashima)  Crow ( voice: Yumiko Kokonoe ), Cometa turns herself into a crow to visit toyland, her voice is rough and deep but then thanks to magic becomes normal again. She even sings a tango song, Batan Pam Pam. Indian's daughter is Koji's best friend. Little red-riding Hood's granny. This party in Toyland have place once every year, but if theyre not gone in 10 minutes, they could have to stay here forever! YOJO is the Guard in the Shrine, theres paper dolls and dances too. 

Screenplay: 西田一夫(Kazuo Nishida), directed by: 中川信夫( Nobuo Nakagawa ). Voices: Indians ( Kaori tadashi ), Indian daughter ( Hiroko Rin ), Little Red Riding Hood's granny ( Osamu Okamura ).


Jan. 29 th. 1968 -Episode 31: Secret agents 007

*** 007 Big Boss Chibikko Hiroba. The Kawagoe brothers are secret agents who work for the Agency, looking for bad guys like The man with the sunglasses, who is trying to steal the formula from the farmaceutical industry. Hiroshi Kon (Nobu Hiroshi Okumura) guard Kinoshita (Hunahashi yuan)

Screenplay: 柳沢類寿(Ruisu Yanagisawa), directed by: 中川信夫( Nobuo Nakagawa ). 007 Boss Chibikko Hiroba, (Kaori Tadashi), Hiroshi Kon (Nobu Hiroshi Okumura), Kinoshita Guard ( Hunahashi Yuan), Nobuaki Itou (appendage), Hori Nishikyou (student), Sumio Itou (student), Kobe, Ichiro you (student), Kenzou Shibuya (student), Mitsuhiro Matsuda (student), Sunao Masuda Tsukasa (Oda, senior managing director)

Feb. 5th. 1968 - Episode 32: Who's taking care of the house?

* The kids stay home alone and make a really big mess. 

Screenplay: 小宮敬(Kei Komiya), directed by: 中川信夫( Nobuo Nakagawa ). Guests: Hiroshi Yagiyuu (teacher), Terumi Hirota (Takeshi classmate), Nobukazu Katou (Takeshi classmate), Hiroshi Maezawa (Takeshi classmate), Terumi Nagashima (Takeshi classmate), Kato green (Takeshi classmate)


Feb. 12nd. 1968 -Episode 33: Black Magic Warlock 

*Professor Xin is a black magic warlock. His Nanny is Kin and she takes him back as a baby. The alien is a jellyfish-like creature, silver and strange. Cometa takes a Warlock out of a book and he becomes real. The guy wears black with a top hat, cane and a monocle. He turns Takeshi and Koyi into chickens. Then Cometa takes out of the book the warlock's mother. The Professor tells Cometa that white magic ( the one she uses ) is stronger than black. She wears a white apron and defeats the warlock, his mother asks them to turn him into a baby and together, mother and son go back into the book. 

Ilustration by  Israel 

Screenplay: 吉原幸栄(Sachio Yoshiwara ), directed by: 山際永三( Eizou Yamagiwa ). Black warlock ( Akira  Nakamura ), Kin ( Tiyoko Komine )


Feb. 19th. 1968 - Episode 34: mother of the year 

* Comet-San thinks what would be her life if she was married and the kids mother, everything would be perfect...

Screenplay: 門田俊三(Shunzou Kadota), directed by: 山際永三( Eizou Yamagiwa ). Guests: Tise Watanabe (zero mother), Hiroko Kokonoe (Pippi's mother), TOYO Fukuda (Sasuke mother), Masanori Koyama (Sasuke), Narumi Nishimura (Pippi), Yutaka Inoue (zero), Miyazawa yuan (Doctor)

Episodes on Televisa's programming lists:

Episodes 20, 22, 28, 31, 33, 34.