Comet-San コメットさん

( 1967 - 1968 )

First season of three. Black and white.  


This is intro from Episode No. 1. This same intro was used for episodes 1-19, with only cast and crew changes.

Cometa is chasing stars with a butterfly net, seeing how difficult it is, she uses her magic to make a cannon appear, then she rides it and shoots, destroying other stars and freeing some little creatures who run away riding stars. This catches the Professor's attention and he punishes her turning her into a human being and sending her to earth.

The song is what we call "I am Cometto San". Composer: Yuasa, lyrics from: Shuji Terayama.

Cell animation made by Tsutomu Shibayama.

Special effects by: Yonesaburo Tsukiji, model animator for Betan and his 5 brothers, Kong: Fumiko Magari.

July 3rd. 1967 - Episode 1: Help comes from the stars 

* Cometa was not such a nice girl and was sent to earth as punishment. Her rocket arrived at the school where Takeshi and Koji were taking their classes, after a whole messy day, she finally stays with the Kawagoe family to help them. 

 *Cometa breaks something and the Professor sends her to earth riding a rocket (series intro), at school both kids are busy when she appears on top of the flagpole. The kids got in trouble because of her and then she explains them where she came from but they think she is crazy and send her to jail, where she uses the magic wand for the firs time to break out, then she is sent to the mental house. She doesn't even know how to use the telephone, the episode ends when she doing the grocery shopping and she falls back trying to catch a watermelon.

Screenplay: 佐々木守(Mamoru Sasaki ), Directed by: 山際永三( Eizou Yamagiwa ), Takeshi's 5th. grade teacher: Mitsuo Azuma, Mali (teacher), Tizuko Tadokoro (nurse), Yoshiyuki Ookawa (criminal), Ka (fishmonger), Saito Tatsuo (school teacher)


July 10th. 1967 - Episode 2: Mom's Dreams 

* Comet-San buys flowers and sing along her way home. At home, Dad has bought a toy train and she invites the kids for a ride. Everybody is small enough to fit inside.

Screenplay: 山中恒 ( Hisashi Yamanaka ), Directed by: 大槻義一(Yoshikazu Ootsuki)

Guests: Shigeru Umetsu, Akira Nariai (model shop customer), Osamu Inayoshi (Florist), Takashi Kishino nonsense trio next Maeda Akira Eguti (Chin-ya)
Notes  (highlights): Ride in toy train.


July 17th. 1967 - Episode 3: I do not fit 

* A boy feel left out and Comet-San helps him to fit in with the rest so they can all play base-ball together. At first, Comet uses her baton, but then she can't and the boy does very well by himself.

Screenplay: 光畑碩郎(Sekirou Mitsuhata)Directed by: 山際永三( Eizou Yamagiwa ) .

Guests: William Roth (Mr. Parker), Edith Hanson (Mrs. Parker), Zhang Tian Lake (KIYOSHI mom), Takakazu Shirota (KIYOSHI), Tadashi Tadashi Ozawa (liquor stores boy), Masahiro Orihara (cancer), a riverside wealth Ming (Keiko's)

July 24th. 1967 - Episode 4: Mystery thief 

* A big gangster boss (Kiyoji) and his friend (Masahiko Tanimura). A bill and Cometas magic wand stolen. A Bank's safe robbery plot. The mangakas wanted to open a school for young comic artists.

* There is a 5,000 yen bill that looks like the one the guys take the big character out, Prince Shotoku (Shiniti Yanagisawa), except that the original bill has the picture in one side and this one has the picture in the middle. After the guy is out, the bill has a hole in the middle. The big guy is chubby, wears a very ornamented robe, a weird hat, moustache, and had something in his hands like a fan, everything exactly like the picture on the bill!.

The two thieves make a pass on the bill with the magic wand, the character on the bill first makes faces and then shows up out of the bill. The thieves are scared at first but then start talking to the guy from the bill. They tell him how much they like money. "-Like this 5,000 yen bill" ask the chubby guy. "-Not like that one because it has a hole. Sticking his finger through the hole while saying this, the other thief agrees. "-Eh? NO, no, no, we don't like those bills.

Screenplay: 奥山長春(Nagaharu Okuyama) Directed by: 山際永三( Eizou Yamagiwa ). Big Boss (Kiyoji) and hench (Masahiko Tanimura), Prince Shotoku (Shiniti Yanagisawa), Takuzou Kamiyama (criminal), Hiroshi Takashi (liquor shop), Matsuo (Itirou Sunao friend)


July 31st. 1967 - Episode 5: Help me, dolly 

* Japanese doll. Cometa makes a doll come alive to get help. This is the episode with a teacher and the chocolate pineneedles.

Screenplay: 佐々木守(Mamoru Sasaki), Directed by: 山際永三( Eizou Yamagiwa ). Japanese doll ( Masako Komine ), Osamu Hutoshi H. (cram school teacher), Yutaka Inoue (Sasuke), Terumi Nagashima (Pippi), Masahiro Orihara (zero), Kanazawa (OBAKE), Masahiko Nezu (FUROKU), Kiyoaki Nakatani (Doogie) Mayumi Taniguti (talented woman)

Aug. 7th. 1967 - Episode 6: Visit from Alpha star 

* Comet-San shows the kids some pictures from her Planet Beta, then she meets a real magician and she thinks he is from outer space too.. A painting and an article in a newspaper about the star.

Planet Alpha. Roller-skating.

Screenplay: 光畑碩郎(Sekirou Mitsuhata), Directed by: 大槻義一(Yoshikazu Ootsuki). Visitor from the stars (Matsugorou Sanda ( Mita ), Tetsu Saeki (Hoshino), Hiroshi Ayukawa (chief editor), Tsukiji (small bookshop father)

Aug. 14th. 1967 - Episode 7: Doggy banzai!

A girl finds a little dog and then Takeshi and Koji want a pet too. Comet-San offers them some puppies, but they want the one from the girl.

Screenplay: 西田一夫(Kazuo Nishida ), Directed by: 大槻義一(Yoshikazu Ootsuki) 

Guests: Sakae Matsui (千絵子), Koji (veterinary), Teruko Iida (妖婆)

Aug. 21st. 1967 - Episode 8: I am not afraid of monsters

*The ghosts in the haunted house at the Fair. A new mentor for the kids. Ghosts like Yama the great, skeleton, Rokurokubi, flashlight-monster, one-legged umbrella monster. Comet-San and the kids go to the fair and ride the train and the cups, she has ice cream. 

Screenplay: 西田一夫(Kazuo Nishida), Directed by: 山際永三( Eizou Yamagiwa ). Monster ( Hiromi Takano ), Senri Sakurai (alpine).

Aug. 28th. 1967 - Episode 9: Assistance needed 

* 0ld lady from the comic book. Taken from a comic book she belongs to an ancient time, so, when she does the washing, destroys the clothes with a stick, when she is taken to the swimmig pool, she nearly drowns. Finally, she is taken back to the book.

Screenplay: 高久進( Susumu Takaku ), Directed by: 山際永三( Eizou Yamagiwa ). Grandmother ( old lady ) from comic book: Toyoko Taketi, Hirokazu Yoshida (Pool guardian)
 Notes (highlights): Model animated debut. Kokonoe in bikini.




Sept. 4th. 1967 - Episode 10: Flying saucers ( parasol in the sky ) 

Comet-San takes a boy to see his family in the wood riding a huge parasol. Meanwhile, the kids have fun with a group of indians that come to live (animated).

* Screnplay: 光畑碩郎(Sekirou Mitsuhata), Directed by: 大槻義一(Yoshikazu Ootsuki).

Guests: UEZU MINORU (Yoshi Makoto),那保 (Tane), Makoto Hazime (laundry)

Sept. 11st. 1967 - Episode 11: The girl who could see the future ( the strange girl ) 

 Tonko, a girl tired of her parents forcing her to tell the future to their friends, decides to stay with Takeshi and Koji after a kids reunion. Her personality clashes with theirs and soon start looking for her address and parents. As she can forsee the future, things get a little complicated. Finally, through the milkman, they manage to send a message to the major, and her parents come to pick her up. This is the first episode we have in spanish.

Screenplay: 松田暢子(Nobuko Matsuda) Directed by: 大槻義一(Yoshikazu Ootsuki). Guests: Naoko Tooyama (TONKO),曽我廼家 (TONKO father), Motoo Noguti (gentleman), Yasumi Hisashi (TONKO mother), Naoki honey-man (manager), Odaka edge (police), Akira Watanabe (criminal), Otsu, Masato (milkman)


Sept. 18th. 1967 - Episode 12: Cometa's clone 

Takeshi and Koji trick Cometa into cloning herself so they can have their way getting the cloned to obey them in everything they want.

Screenplay: 山中恒 ( Hisashi Yamanaka ), Directed by: 山際永三( Eizou Yamagiwa ).  Guests: Odaka (constable), Nobuhiro Baba (student), Sumio Itou (student), Yuzuru Yamaguti (vs. men), Akira Watanabe (criminal), Otsu, Masato (milkman)

Sept. 25th. 1967 - Episodio 13: Broken statue

Takeshi breaks a statue at school by accident. Then, when the teacher visits them to tell their parents, Comet-San makes the broom appears like Mr. Kawagoe to get out of trouble.

Screenplay: 柳沢類寿(Ruisu Yanagisawa) Directed by: 山際永三( Eizou Yamagiwa ). Guests: Hiroshi Yagiyuu (teacher), Satoshi Nagaya (custodian)


Oct. 2nd. 1967 - Episode 14: Boat trip

 Jiro, trying to be helpful, breaks a toy ship. To fix this, he buys another one, bigger but cheaper, and the kids don't like it much. Chivigon makes matters worse, since some of the pieces to put the ship together disappear. This is the first time Chivigon appears in the series. Cometa wants to make them allhappy and using her magic takes them to a boat trip. Jiro lies, saying that he know a lot about sailing and he doesn't. Some other people help them and after water skiing for a while and having  a good time, but they lie when Mom asks them they say they have been home all day. Cometa gets a big "X" on her cheek for lying.

Screenplay: 西田一夫(Kazuo Nishida), Directed by: 大槻義一(Yoshikazu Ootsuki). Guests: Hiroshi Hishiya (Jiro), Senbaru (Flats), Sumiko Sakamoto (waitress)
Notes  (highlights): small sumo wrestler's first appearance and BETAN


Oct. 9th. 1967 - Episode 15: Golden egg ( Go car )

Now the kids want to buy a go car but need more money. When they see an ad looking for talented boys for a TV show, they think that's easy money, but the theater manager has other plans, specially when the kids break something by accident. Of course Comet-San comes to the rescue, and the guy, who is very clever and ambitious, wants to exploit her and her magic to his profit. Comet-San doesn't fall in the trap and he ends up having a broken egg in the face instead of a golden egg he wanted...

Screenplay: 高久進( Susumu Takaku ), Directed by: 大槻義一(Yoshikazu Ootsuki)

 Guests: 凡太 (Yumeno), Odaka (police)


Oct. 16th. 1967 - Episode 16: We made the house

The kids want to experience living by themselves and run away from home, along with some friends. They end up living under a bridge and spent some time having fun while all the mothers are sick worried.

Screenplay: 佐々木守(Mamoru Sasaki), Directed by: 山際永三( Eizou Yamagiwa ).  Guests: TOYO Fukuda (Sasuke mom), Hiroko Kokonoe (Pippi mom), Masako Takemoto (zero mom), (greengrocer's father), Wataru Takabayashi (人夫work), Sea Taro Azuma (人夫work), Masanori Koyama (Sasuke), Yutaka Inoue (zero), Yamagata Reiko (レイ子), Keizi Matsumoto (dumpling), Narumi Nishimura (Pippi)


Oct. 23rd. 1967 - Episode 17: Powerful enemy  ( overmatch current mischef )

Another girl comes to the house, but instead of helping, she is making things worse.

Screenplay: 小宮敬(Kei Komiya), Directed by: 山際永三( Eizou Yamagiwa ).  Guests: Kyoko Shimizu (ユリ子)

Oct. 30th. 1967 - Episode 18: I tried to stay

* Ninja Monkey?

A big boy is bullying Takeshi, so Takeshi starts training with the Nnja Master, of the white cloud. Soon they discover the big boy is good, only too big among the rest of the classmates.

Screenplay: 小宮敬(Kei Komiya), Directed by: 出口十三夫(Tomio Deguchi) Guests: Hiroshi Yagiyuu (Takeshi teacher), Masahiro Iwakami (Toshio Morikawa), Lin Hiroko (Kayoko).


Nov. 6th. 1967 - Episode 19: Do not lie ( not a lie )

Takeshi fakes he is sick and is taken to the doctor. Could it be that lying is worse than the worse medicine?

Screenplay: 西田一夫(Kazuo Nishida), Directed by: 出口十三夫(Tomio Deguchi).  Guests: Akiyoshi Kitaura (young doctor), Takayuki Abe (Kenta), Miki叶(nurse)


Episode names from Televisa's programming lists:

Episodes 10, 18

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