Comet-San コメットさん

( 1967 - 1968 )

Sweet to your ears. . .

Melodies for the heart...

Yumiko Kokonoe interprets: "Watashi no kokoro wa totemo chiisai" - EP 63 & 65 


Yumiko Kokonoe interprets "Hana ga suki yume ga suki" - EP 59 

Senorita Cometa's theme

Intro lyrics -  episodes 1-48

1. Sitting on the little star
Gazing down far below all by myself
I wonder if something good's gonna happen
or it's gonna be something amusing
My name is Comet-san

2. Riding on the little star
I came here to find happiness
I wonder if there's someting wonderful
or something funny
My name is Comet-san

Composer: Yuasa, lyrics from: Shuji Terayama. 

B/W Intro - Senorita Cometa

Lyrics translated to spanish 

1. Sentada en esta estrella

Sola y observando el infinito

Me pregunto que sucedera

Sera algo bueno o interesante

Soy Senorita Cometa

2. Cabalgando en esta estrella

Busco la felicidad

Me pregunto que cosas me esperan

Maravillosas o divertidas quizas

Soy Senorita Cometa

Brief audio from unknown episode, wanna guess?

Riddle: The kids and Cometa know who he is and they want to see him, but they also know he is weird and may not want to come over, so theydecide to go see him. Who is him? HINT: Translation of audio:

Comet: I will go get him

Takeshi: I am afraid he won't come... he is weird

Comet: Let's go see him then! - HM!

Koji: Wait, I want to go too...

Comet: HM! ( magic sounds )

Brief audio from episode 66. in spanish

Intro lyrics from 3rd season ( 49-79 )

1. Most stars are visible from much farther away from most of the stars
My name is Comet, "the earth as well."
Grumpy, mischief, crybaby 
I have a magic baton,
A magic baton.

2.Shooting stars are visible from far off from a shooting star
My name is Comet, "I'm glad the earth" 
I am  full of laughter! 
I have a magic baton,
A magic baton.


1. Muchas estrellas se ven desde mucho mas lejos de la mayoria de ellas

Mi nombre es Cometa, y voy a la tierra

Soy traviesa, chillona y a veces grunona

Tengo una varita magica, una varita magica

2. Muchas estellas errantes se ven desde mucho mas lejos d ela mayoria de ellas

Mi nombre es Cometa y tengo gusto de ir a al tierra

Siempre estoy riendo!

tengo una varita magica, una varita magica...

The ball song ( episode 63 )

Phonetically, this is what I caught:

 Yamadera no/ osyousan/ Arimatu kitashi  gari nana hi/ nieco cancucuroni osh conde

Ponto keya/ nianto nagu/ nianga nianto nagu/ yoi yoii

( If anyone know the romanji translation, please help, thanks )

List of songs by episode number

#01 she sings comet-san theme in jail. Dad sings while she walks to the market "Comet-san ga kite karawa" by Hiroshi Ashinoi

#02 she sings while in the toy train ride "Kisya no uta" and "Hana no uta".

#09 Old lady sings comet san song "Kin-baasan no uta" by Toyoko Takech

#14 she sings "Yacht no uta" when sailing start 

#16 she sings on cardboard tv "Didindo-dindon" #16 last "Comet-san ga kite karawa"

#20 she sings while cleaning the refrigerator "Setsuyaku no uta"

#28 she sings while cleaning glass "Osouji no uta" #28 and "Himitsu no oheya"

#49 she sings while doing the dishes "Churu-chu-chu"this is June song in drama

#50 she sings while watching the wedding gown "Churu-chu-chu"and a little"Wedding dress"

#53 she sings after the ending "Pororon walts"

#55 Everybody sings the DO RE MI song ...and"Kemeko no uta"not Yumiko's song but often used in this episode.

#59 She sings while catching butterflies "Hana ga suki yume ga suki"

#63 The ball song "Yamadera no osyousan(Japanese old song)". monthly"Watashi no kokoro wa totemo chiisai"

#65 she sings after the episode end "Watashi no kokoro wa totemo chiisai"

#68 She sings walking on the street "Zigzag na yane no shita de"

#74 She sings while cleaning the glass for the second time "Hana no ue no nikibi kun"

#77 She sings "Wedding dress" and "boots no uta"